After a time, the elementary tissues surrounding or involved in the exudation, become more or less affected. Another is the use of an abdominal belt which raises the intra-abdominal pressure and thus improves the efficiency of the diaphragm by It has been said that chronic bronchitics are a very satisfactory group to deal with. If this situation is multiplied a hundred fold or several hundred fold for any particular industry, it is easy to appreciate the impact of disability absence upon the industrial economy. With the deployment of Army personnel to practically all points in the United States either on a duty, travel, or leave status, the continued cooperation of civilian physicians and agencies is of utmost importance in providing adequate medical service to the US soldier in Certain criteria and procedures have been established in connection with the furnishing of medical service to Army personnel by civilians in accord with the current laws and regulations.

The kidneys likewise were somewhat softened, but otherwise appeared healthy. This special committee should be instructed to make an independent study or survey and report its findings and recommendations to the House of Delegates at the next annual meeting. From what has preceded, it must be allowed, that, so far from its being improbable that real cures were so effected, all that we know of the effects of confident promises on the one hand, and belief on the other, renders it very likely that many such occurred. As Congress examines the FHIP proposal, we will be looking at a number of things, we are finally instituting in Medicare and Medicaid, are built into the proposal, and Medicaid in areas such as skilled nursing home Congress is interested in reform of Medicaid, but Congress will be looking for more than rhetoric. This consists of very minute particles of oil, which resemble the smaller molecules found in milk, and in the chyle. Nutritious food, if raw, condensed, and free from insoluble matter, will cure chronic diseases, as it will make blood faster than all preparations or food, and new bluod will cleanse salts and acids, and can be retained by the stomach when so weak as to refuse lood.

Subsequently, pills of bismuth and opium seemed to alleviate the vomiting, which gradually ceased. It is not alkaline treatment had been used with no effect.

Moreover, these hills Social Security taxes for those totally and permanently disabled, with the disability to he determined by medical examinations carried out under this section because it could become an entering wedge for the regimentation of the medical profession by creating a mechanism for the adoption of a federal cash permanent and total disability benefit program which in turn could lead to a full-fledged system of compulsory sickness insurance: In the author's experience in operating upon ninety-three cases of gallstones, there were ten cases of stone in the cystic duct requiring considerable effort to dislodge them. Excepting a little redness at the junction of the tip with the nose, and a slight nick in the right nostril, the organ appears normal. However, the right is reserved to reduce in length Articles are accepted foe publication only with the understanding that they are submitted for exclusive publication of THE JOURNAL of the Communications dealing with editorial matters should be sent to Frank should be sent to THE JOURNAL of the Indiana State Medical Association, Advertising rates will be furnished on request.

Then came the return of a healthy appetite. The opposite and then other portions of the margin of the organ should be limited in the same manner, and these in turn should be marked until the whole organ be completely examined. Ten- Day Practical Course in Cystoscopy every two weeks. It was not until a neighbor reported that he had pneumonia that the health bureau decided to cut the bureaucratic then, however, because the next day the man was We can see where a system where you can get for our part, we believe that we would still rather continue to pay our own medical expenses (even though admittedly they come high), and have something to say about whether we are going to go tooth-less, toupee-less or life-less. In this way he has succeeded in causing to be absorbed a purulent collection in the anterior chamber of the eye. In the more serious forms of tuberculosis, Distrycin may be given daily, at least until the infection has been brought a leader in streptomycin research and manufacture MPROVISED HOSPITALS will be necessary for the care of casualties of an atomic attack, even though the attack does not destroy any of the permanent hospitals now in existence. Liveing writes to the British Medical On several occasions I have called attention to the occurrence of smooth, bald patches in tinea tonsurans, exactly resembling alopecia areata.

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