The joint lesions yielded much more rapidly to the latter; the patient says the bandage lessens the pain much quicker than the heat; he can also use the joint quite freely after the use of the bandage. Of chronic symmetric enlargement of the salivary and lacrimal glands, reports the case than a year enlargement of the lacrimal, salivary, and buccal glands, enlargement of the spleen, syphilitic rhinitis with ulceration, and who recovered during the administration of potassium iodid and mercury, to die two years later of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis. I have also seen tliat result in two other cases, both of One case was sent to me from the country, arxl the effect was marked after operation.

Also the doctor may inject cocaine solutions around painful teeth and the drug may set up a very ugly ulceration, which cocaine is very apt to do with the gums and the alveoli. According to Capps and Smith the lymphoid cells after exposure to the rontgen rays give off a leukolytic substance, which injected into the body of another animal, causes a marked decrease in the number of leukocytes, particularly of the uninuclear and myelocytic varieties. Bear in mind that in all these cases thorough elimination is essential. And confidently afcribe to jewels fuch virtues, as feem no way compatible to inanimate (and which in this cafe is much more confidcrable ) fo judicious a lapidary as Boetius there were forne fmall fpots, which the virtuofo, whole it was, allured me he had obferved to grow fomctimes greater, fometimcs Ids, and to be fometimcs in one part of the ftone, fometimcs in another. Let thefe things boil, or rather limmer over a foft fire in a clean glazed earthen vcflcl, till you find by the immerfion of a fticct of white paper (or by fome other way of trial) that the liquor is fufficiently impregnated with the golden tindturc of the turmeric; then take the decodtion off the fire, and filter or ftrain it, that it may be clean; and leifurely dropping into it a ltrong folution of roch-allom, you ftiall find the decoction as it were curdled, and the tincted part of it either to emerge, to fubfide, or to fwim up and down, like little yellow flaxes: and if you pour this mixture into a tunnel lined with cap-paper, the liquor, that filtred formerly fo yellow, will now pafs clean through water mud be fo often poured, till you have dulcified the matter therein contained, the fign of which dulcification is (you know) when the water, that has paffed through it, comes from it as taftelcfs as it was poured on it: The gradual impairment of mental capacity with preservation of daily exercised mental functions, seen in general paralysis, is likely to be absent in syphilis. Now, however, when the bacterins have been in steadily increasing use for over fifteen years, the dosage has been pretty well worked The bacterin containers, as they come from the laboratories, usually have the maximum and minimum dosage printed on the label, along with the number of millions of kiUed bacteria per cubic centimeter.

This is now well recognized and advantage taken of in therapeutics. We have at present forty-four infants in the hospital, which is greatly overcrowded, and not one of them is the subject of marasmus. It was shown that antitoxin cannot influence the paralysis after it once appeared or pervent it if given immediately before its time of development. The interval between winter and summer is short. G., gonorrhoea in the cervix, or by the addition of solid organic debris.

The phenomenon was first noted in guineapigs treated with several injections of diphtheria antitoxin where the fatal reaction was shown to be due not to the antitoxin but to the anaphylactic influence of the horse serum containing the antitoxin. I had forgot to add, that whild the Which laft circumftance brings into my mind another experiment, that I likewife forgot to add to that part of the former hiftory of fluidity, where I take notice, that the particular textures of fluid bodies may be reckoned among the chief caufes of their being difpofed, or indifpofed to mingle with one another. Raw potatoes, peeled and sliced, and covered in alternate strata with molasses, keep well and are antiscorbutic. The very'phone got on my nerves. Next, we may confider, that even when there intervenes a chymical refolution by the fire, it is feldom in the faline or fulphurcous principle, as fuch, that the defired faculty of the concrete refides; but as that titular fait or fulphur is yet a mixt body, though the faline or fulphureous nature be "" prcdominent in it. Large Lecture Room of the Redpath Museum.

It is not necessary to describe all the conditions affecting the An attempt will only be made to describe briefly why certain diseases recur with a period of comparative relief between attacks. Oldham' reports the case: The uterus and vagina were absent while the other sexual characteristics were those of a well-formed female. Thus, incidentally, would come about a better understanding of lawyers by doctors and of doctors by lawyers.

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