Again, uric acid diathesis may be the cause of endometritis, a degeneration of the blood-cells and hypertrophy of the left ventricle, causing vertigo in the most distressing forms. Nachschrift zu Joseph Kudelka'.s Cazalet(W. In cases of organic and functional lesions of the heart, an increased steadiness of pulse-beat and diminution of got good results. No one who engages in any part of the transaction can turn away with the thought that the promotion is not his problem. Here the elders convene daily, and discuss, over large potations of rice-beer furnished at the public expense, matters of interest to the community, and regulate the day's work. At that date I would sacrifice two toes on one foot and all on the other foot and pare it down as in amputation at the base of the toe, taking away all this tissue.

At the upper posterior part nere was an opening about the size of lie little finger-tip, through which could )e felt the anterior lip of the cervix. There is an excellent terminal the subject. The group selected for participation in the camp All of the children were encouraged to participate as much as possible in the many activities available at the camp including football, basketball, swimming, and arts and crafts. Doctors Cartledge and Bullitt were with me in this operation.

It was in a village of fifteen or hfenty houses, and as the potlatch house was by no means liije enough to hold all who came, many of them went to the other houses. The temperature was but seemed rational and answered questions promptly. The degree of distention of a vein is then a point of equilibrium between a number of factors. The lower edge of the great omentum being thickened, rolled up and infiltrated with blood-clot, was removed. Nevertheless, the flame cannot rise clearly; it is strangled by the ruddy brown smoke; Xanthus is fighting with Achilles. One year later a similar episode occurred following a gastrointestinal disturbance. At that time the physical signs indicated a pleural effusion limited to the posterior and axillary regions, with no involvement of the upper lobe region. Thej' must be taught to seek When the state sanatorium for incipient tuberculosis was first opened at Raybrook, N. Some disturbances, such as local pain at the site of injection, slight febrile movements of a transitory nature usually resulted, especially when ihe dose was larger than four c.c, but were not severe enough to constitute a contraindication to the employment of this treatment. The paper is illustrated by numerous photographs of Mr. It is well enough to cut down the diet at first while making tests, but We overlook one very important test while making our test for sugar, viz., testing with ferric chloride for acetone and diacetic acid. Busey celebrated the golden anniversary of his graduation as doctor of Montreal, and Drs.

There was no evidence of a return of the tumor.

The book represents four years' work on the part of the author, and but little can be said that is not commendatory. It would, therefore, seem inconsistent to say that the distinction between married women and men in encumbering their property is removed, and at the same time, hold that a married woman may be held liable for This inconsistency has been recognized by the Legislature of Florida and the courts of this state.

Very truly yotirs, After a long and varied experience in the use of Mineral Waters from many sources both foreign and domestic, I am fully persuaded that the Harris Lithia Water possesses efficacy in the treatment of afUictions of the Ki Iney atid Bladder unequalled by any other VVater of which have I made trial.

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