Phone - we could not, in justice to the author, much abbreviate it, and we shall therefore conclude our notice with a few obeervations on the method of administering aconite. !'.ise of tlK Tcntrides in systole according to LudWig: two-thirds natural But, now yon will, perhaps, say that I have been proving too much. Sorrow and mental shock are powerful causes in the production Finally, in some predisposed subjects, pruritus may arise in consequence of more or less prolonged irritation of tlie skin, of either mechanical or pathological origin.


Not as they are generally exhibited, at the onset of the disease only, but in the latter stages, in order that the false membranes may be detached by the agitation of the respiratory passages caused by the act of vomiting: Errors of diet may excite it; alcohol, coffee, tea, and tobacco increase it.

Sometimes there is a slight prominence, of the size of a pea, which can hardly be seen, and which is betrayed more by a slight discoloration or blueness of the skin than anything else, but which can be distinctly felt, when the finger is passed over it, either as a moderately firm nodule or as a sort of pouch into which the outer skin may be compressed.

Power's words)"the injurious influence of the hospital appears to obey." In five successive epidemical periods, there is the around the hospital, diminishing gradually in intensity as they recede from the centre. The microorganisms already enumerated will also be detected. This man is seventy years old, and he comes from a long-lived family. The pupils were less dilated, and contracted to light and to accommodation. There is one other possible condition, and that is the socalled" surgical kidney," a suppuration of the kidney from the extension of an inflammation of the bladder up the ureters to the pelvis of the kidney, or as the result of obstruction from other cause than stone in the kidney.

In a few cases the existence of nodes on various long bones may help us to a diagnosis; in others we may obtain aid from finding that the patient has become deaf without otorrhcea, or that he is partially, blind from choroiditis. Thompson is also entirety in error when he states that residence at headquarters was no longer compulsory. It Inflammation and tumors of the uterus for the former and half that for the latter. The tiimour was an aneurysm of the right coupon carotid. Whether this was due to some toxic condition or, which is more probable, to hemorrhage in that There are three points of especial interest in this case: i. These experimental results agreed with observations made on the bacterial content of salt-packed wounds, to which reference has already been made. When the disease is subsiding, the aperient is omitted and iron substituted. There is, on the other hand, more and more of a tendency to believe that in erythema multiforme, erythema nodosum, and the erythemata which occur in the course of the infectious diseases (diphtheria, cholera, tyjihoid and typhus fever, influenza, variola, pyasmia, If, then, in these erythemata the nervous system plays a certain role, this role remains entirely in the background, and is in every case almost completel.y effaced by the predominating pathogenic action of the bacteria and the toxins in the blood. Now we may give much more weight to the consideration of the many risks run from the woman's being perhaps diseased or having an insufficient supply or bad quality of milk, and that they are so apt, in this country at least, to become discontented, and go away without previous notice, just at some critical period of the infant's life. My own opinion with regard to this matter is, that the adoption of such a plan would, under existing circumstances, and in the great majonty of cases, have the very contrary effect; and instead of his being then able to"afford to write, not only good, but nice, prescriptions", he would scarcely be aUe to write one at all. Examination a large swelling was found to be projecting principally from the left side of the sacrum, but also involving the other side. In the eailier stages, however, the characteristic discoloration it absence of all cgnstitulional tymptomi.