A number of other subversive acts could be enumerated, but it is sufficient to say that civilization has developed slowly, feeling its way, making mistakes, sometimes with very high premiums as the cost, but always rectifying the mistakes. The BERMAN METAL LOCATOR provides both visual and audible indications to guide the surgeon in locating the foreign body. The only case that went on to a fatal result, in spite of this treatment, was one in which Bright's disease, as well as extensive peri-uterine cellulitis (not acute) were present from a very early period of the pregnancy. The prospects now are that the attendance will be large, and also that many of the best and most representative medical men from the continent will be present. Had they asked what the human heart had to say about it they would have had an answer. Owing to the impeded entrance of air, the supraclavicular spaces and the lower intercostal spaces are sunken by atmospheric pressure during inspiration. It is called a cenaeal polvjurs, and is attached at the os internum. Cure is not effected when morphin is no longer used. Gregory, of Brooklyn, history: For some months previously her health had been impaired in consequence of uterine hemorrhage, ascribed to degeneration of the mucous membrane of the body of the uterus, but she was then improving. Cannot accommodate with it sufficiently to see small and near objects distinctly. I am inclined to think the hemorrhage is apt to be less and the cut edges heal more readily by first intention. When the skin is chilled the I kidneys act more vigorously; when the perspiration is fi'ee upon the surface the kidneys seem to act in a much more gentle way, and this suggested to me, first, the use of those means that will keep up a constant but for many days and the child recovered.

Withers, as given in his treatise on asthma, that a cough during dentition never takes place but from primary affection of the respiratory organs: yet I have often seen this effect produced as evidently from mere sympathy, as increased flow of saliva, or looseness of the bowels. After placing these cases under their appropriate heads he finds a large number of ordinarily considered neurasthenics whose trouble is with their adrenal glands. The facts will commend themselves to Dr. It should be easy for man to win.

The baby over a month old an airing outside in all except the worst weather. During the many years when I edited the Medical GazcttCy I noted particularly every case of hydrophobia reported in the exchanges, and in very many cases entered into correspondence with physicians and others connected with the case. For the treatment of pilonidal cysts were much reasons for not securing primary healing.

Its a rule, dilated and contain an excess of turbid fluid.

They were both of them voluminous writers, and they devoted a considerable part of their labours to expounding and illustrating the principles of the Stahlian system. It would be somewhat difficult to state, in a few words, to what supposed substance or power the term was applied; we mayobserve in it some traces of the pneumatic physiology of the modern chymists, while in some of its agencies it resembles the nervous influence.

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