He injures nobody except his patients and the qualified medical men of the town; and they probably do not like the invidious task of prosecuting him, as such a course would certainly be attributed to private spite.

In cases where the mobility of a renal tumour with the respiratory movements is very slight or absent, it may be almost impossible to distinguish between a renal tumour and a retroperitoneal growth; the latter, however, is usually of more irregular outline, and may encroach more on the middle probably owing to the fact that by the time the condition can be diagnosed the mass has reached a large size. But that view is not generally accepted at this time and must await Journal of Iowa State Medical Society Fertility is the best test of successful surgery, but the necessary follow up is most difficult to cryptorchism, all of whom were operated upon at or near puberty. - this causes cough, and the expectoration, when present, consists of the secretion from the inflamed area.

Are filled with debris whicl) impart a fetid odor to the breath.

It has failed to do anything save provoke strife and differences in the profession in this country, and this last attempt to for the Congress is but the crowning act of its incapacity and unfitness for the work it has undertaken. Marked distortion of the uterus was present in all the cases, the most severe cases being those in which the uterine distortion was greatest. He gives calcium sulphide internally, a quarter a grain, Impotency Due to Excessive Use of reports the following case: Mr. It has beCii resolved to proceed at once with the erection of the cost. Of course, Neumann realizes that the defervescence, even in these two cases, may have been spontaneous, for in the majority of untreated cases this phenomenon generally the treatment was uncertain, and in the same number no influence one way or the other could be detected. In the latter a calcifying periostitis occurs, and the long bones chiefly are affected, the changes involving the middle of the shaft rather than the ends of the bones. Most of the previous reports show that there was not so close a relationship to calculi with carcinoma of the duct as there is with carcinoma of the gall-bladder, the reported frequency reports also show that the condition was more common in males and was generally found between the ages of fifty and seventy. But it will, I trust, serve to show that no effort has been spared to render the meeting a success. Hare says that under such circumstances the seat may be the pleura.

It very seldom does any good, not infrequently harm. When the lesion is intracerebral, it may be above, at, or (b) Nuclear (in both these cases the lesion is generally a haemorrhage, one of the above mentioned, and generally affects the pyramidal The fourth nerve and nucleus are rarely affected alone, but tumours of the corpora quadrigemina, pineal gland, or anterior portion of the cerebellum, may affect the nucleus, and the nerve has been paralysed alone by locaHsed basal meningitis.

Others hold that a small myoma should be removed before the health of the patient is endangered by its larger growth Into the advocacy of the palliative or of the curative method of treatment experts in gynecology may be said to be divided. Professor Howard selected as the subject of his remarks, In an able and scholarly manner attention was directed to the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal tumors, and the various rare points, not usually considered in connection with these pathological conditions, were carefully elaborated and set forth. The other nitrogenous constituents of the urine, such as xanthin, hypoxanthin, creatinin, are of no great clinical importance, although the quantities present, especially of creatinin, are greatly increased in wasting diseases, and even normally more creatinin is present than uric acid; but inasmuch as it is a very soluble body, it is of no great importance, except that, like uric acid, it also reduces copper, and therefore when present in excess may be mistaken for sugar, unless the fermentation test normally formed in the alimentary canal, and are occasionally found in the urine, sometimes in traces, sometimes in large quantities. We see, therefore, that the only difference between wet and dry beri-beri is in the presence in the former of an additional symptom, oedema and serous effusion. Leather, felt, sheet-lead, and silicate of sodium are of use, but do not permit removal for manipulation, and are, therefore, inferior to the bands already mentioned.

His boy was safe, and would soon return to him. Two young children, admitted with scarlet fever, developed small-pox a considerable time subsequently, but while they were not yet free from scarlatinal desquamation. Physicians will find these diets easy to revise to meet the special To help patients persevere in their reducing are devoted to more than six dozen tested, lowcalorie recipes. This is a preliminary note on certain researches of the authors on the these organisms, when ingested by mouth, are capable of producing glycosuria in rabbits fed on a diet rich in carbohydrates. Those drugs which control epilepsy are those which calm the instability of the vagotonic. Fineman states categorically that the follicles were active and that they were producing cells of the same type as those infiltrating the pulp of the glands. In character they are benign, do not affect the glands, and do not recur if completely excised. In one epidemic a certain course of treatment would prove very efficient, but would fail, perhaps, in the next.

In larger particles it has been found possible to identify the particular band of coal, and in charcoal dust the texture of wood has been made out. I commend the Farmers' Platform as being of special significance in the programme of industrial Now, to sum up: Enduring industrial reconstruction can only be built upon a foundation of social and economic justice. This has been printed in the three official languages, and further, very widely distributed.

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