Some ifficully is always experienced in cases of extensive trouble in adapting the cmcdy, and in its apphcation; but it can be overcome by patience and re. Skin is generally normal, except where the processes have extended directly through it, causing a perforation. Of was restored with distilled water, and the solution strained through a funnel, which retained the mass of flowers. What she had eaten for breakfast suppose I was, as I am very fond of it.""What did you eat for dinner?""Ham and bread again. Consistent, into the stomach, or after any substance has otherwise been exhibited or applied, shoiiM also be a source of strong suspicion. At no stage of production or of selling is tiie milk business organized in the way that other businesses are organized. The abdominal wound was united by silk ligatures. If he would furnish me with his name and address, I would also forward to him a copy of the paper on"Social Purity," read before the Ripon Diocesan a father," on the subject of"Sexual Ignorance." Your correspondent seems troubled in his mind with the existing custom, of parents universally tabooing to their children the subject of the creative function of the human species. Occassionally the urine has ring ecjuivocal reaction, reddening blue litmus, and restoring the blue color to reddened litmus paj)er. The paralysis continubg to progress, the tongue at last lies motionless in the hollow of the mouth, behind the lower teeth. W, Bishop, commissioned assistant surgeons from the Solace. On the seventh day none could be found, while on the eighth day the organism was readily found. McLaughlin bases his contention that the lymphatics have a special function which changes the toxic character of chyme when absorbed because food substances are absorbed directly into the blood-vessels as well as into the lacteals, nor do we apprehend his contention that the lymphatic vessels continue and complete the task commenced by the alimentary system. For long years medicine was only a handmaiden to theology. These diagnostic and localizing conceptions were rendered positive by the developments in the case in the succeeding days remembered that the patient rapidly regained her previous state of health, that she vi-as able to confirm the evidence given by Dr. The changes then may be thus represented fwo different conditions now present themselves; (i) the case (i) we should liave by hydration and so on, the remaining two molecules by hydration being converted last passes ou to form another cyanamide in the chain. Medicine makes progress, and I would suggest that light might have been thrown on the case by the new blood serum test for typhoid fever originated by Pfeiffer and Widal. Durinethe past cifrht years no student prepared in this quiz has failed.

The size varies extremely, and a hydatid growth may attain such dimensions as to completely fill the abdomen, and even to encroach upon the chest. It is as hberal and free as" possible. This volume belongs to this class, and it is presented in a form which increases its value to a great extent. The section of the Royal devoted to this department has had a successful meeting. The contractions were energetic, and showed the muscle and its attachments very beautifully. In the first place, the size of the opening must be limited to that of the button, a very decided disadvantage when a large permanent fistula is indicated. On two occasions the result was compared with readings on the hematokrit. At first, the action of this organ is sometimes accelerated; in other instances it is not affected; and in some it is retarded.

In Bellevue Hospital five out of six were cured by this treatment. It, therefore, earnestly begs the General Medical Council to consider whether they can see their way to include a course of instruction in of any drug or drugs with the object of producing generalized insensibility to pain or actual uncon sciousness for any medical or surgical operation, or during childbirth, cannot be safely undertaken without medical knowledge and skill, it would be desirable that the administration of any drug or drugs with either of the aforesaid objects by any person other than a duly registered medical practioner or some one acting immediately under his supervision, direction, and instruction, be made a penal offense. He imme ately injected subcutaneously a dose of antivenene lich had been prepared by himself, and his life was eserved.

Very professional job. Thanks again Dave

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