During the same death-rate ever known in our city from this disease. Is it not a strange irony of history to see the sepulbhered vagaries of a dead past again rehabilitated by members of enlightened communities in this brilliant age? The doctrine of signatures in its entirety is so completely hidden under the dust and grime of centuries that it is difficult now to even collate its literature; yet the spirit that gave this grotesque empiricism a name in history not only survives in our modern museums, schools of medicine, and credulous laymen,-but, when animated by the genius of Paracelsus, defiantly flaunts its offal- stained banner in the very peristyles of our scientific schools. Vision was dim, and had been so for three days.

Intervals of suspension of breathing occur, after which short, shallow inspirations begin, and gradually increase for a time in depth; then they grow shorter and sh:illower again, until apnoea is reached. Pancreatic pseudocysts develop following trauma or acute pancreatitis:

When foimd to be tight and secure, it should not be, as ordinarily recommended, left in an open channel covered with boards or flags and surrounded by a vermin-breeding, unventilated and uninspected space, but closely and completely imbedded in the best hydraulic cement mortar. Over the face and liands, which were left vuicoveix'd by the bandages, When tliese coverings had Ijcen successively removed, the body yn'esented generally the waxy appearance described al)ove, and had rather a dark tinge; but the arms, one especially, which had become partially dry, were nearly black, as were also both feet, and part of the right leg, where a sore had existed at the time of death. Cooke, in his interesting life of Sir"William Blizard, states that on one occasion when going through the wards with the venerable Surgeon, he inquired of a student what was going forward in the operating-theatre. Hawes and Wakley have had no more hand in the contrivance and composition of this said Bill than his Holiness the Pope of Rome had, and they have both publicly declared that they neither of them saw or heard a line of the Bill until after it was printed; so that when, in this week's Gazette, you state that it was brought in conjointly by the three gentlemen, many of your readers might (quite unintentionally on your part) be led into a serious error by Messrs. In young diabetics, cataract surgery has been delayed in the past because the lens was firmly held in position by strong elastic zonules.

That these minute bodies really constitute the virulent element of the lymph, or at least that they are the vehicle of the contagium, is not a mere matter of conjecture, but has been demonstrated abunouEmtly, notably by Chauveau and Sanderson's diflusion experiments. The statement that the use of humanized virus demands less special knowledge than that of bovine virus is conceded at once.

The tongue is coated with a whitish fur, the urine is scanty and high-colored, and the bowels are constipated. They were brother and sister, the only children of a professional friend; they had the hereditary history painfully characteristic of phthisis, and in the course of the affection in them from the beginning to the fatal end their symptoms ran so closely as to be like twin phenomena. Pernut me at the same time to correct an error of considerable importance which occurs in the recipe given in my former communication on you have there inserted"Tr. Glandular stvelling may be practically absent in the mild cases, though it will be seen that in some of -these cases we had as an accompaniment of the diphtheria a swelling of the lymph nodes on one side only. The following named otficers are detailed to represent the Medical Department of the Army as delegates to the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States, to meet in Surgeon; Reed, Walter, Major and Surgeon; Phillips, John L., Captain and Assistant Surgeon; and Edie, G. Most of the descriptions found in the text books on ascribe to code these abscesses a typical character, and divide them into first becomes filled with pus cells; the whole tissue then softens; the cells become necrotic, and the walls become covered with embryonic granulation tissue, which, instead of going on to the formation of fibrous tissue, also becomes necrotic and converted into a diphtheritic membrane. Certainly you must not take the intolerance of light as a fit indication for the use of leeches.

Supply the intestines down to the "discount" upper part of the rectum. A dose of half a cubic centimetre of a bouillon culture invariably proved lethal to guineapigs of medium weight (three hundred and fifty to four hundred and fifty grammes) within forty- eight hours. It will be noted in this group that the temperature taken for five days before operation shows an extraordinary uniformity of rise and The effect of the operation is evident in a glance at the broken It reviews is evident that the effect of the operation is not to remove all febrile disturbance at once. In this way the solid masses of tissue in the abscess contents are produced. For two months she complained about a dull sensation around the umbilicus, and at the same time her abdomen became distended. Two days later he was also attacked. In some cases the diagnosis is comparatively easy, but in others it is very difficult indeed.

And here it is that what is by cupping glasses, or a moderate number of leeches. If one were to look at the first sentence of this protocol, one would have to consider first and foremost a pancreatic or ampulla of Vater tumor.

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