REFRACTO-VISCOSIMETRIC PROPERTIES OF BLOOD SERUM lu Table I a basis is given for the study of physiologic and instrumental variations. The object is then spread upon a glass plate, the raw surface upward, and gradually suffered to dry. The suprapubic removal of a calculus from the pelvic ureter further reduced by intravesical operative treatment. A bougie was passed into the uterus to verify the reposition of the organ, patient took no anaesthetic, and no anodyne except X grain of morphia on the third night.

The alcohols of commerce used in beverages, were nearly all the same and had the same physiologic action. The disorders of movement which follow lesion of the canals proceed from vertigo produced by the disagreement between the space seen, and the idea of space formed by the sensations due to the semicircular canals. In all probability the inoculation in these cases took place at a much shorter time from the development of the tetanus. It is found more frequently in young females suffering from bladder tuberculosis than in men.

The pus of aural furuncles has been found loaded with micrococci (Lowenberg), and it is not unreasonable to siippose that furuncular inflammation may originate from these having found their way into the glandular follicles from the air, or from the water used in syringing; in any case, moisture would favor their rapid development, and this may be the reason that syringing the ear is apt to excite furuncular inflammation.

Both the underground portion and stems are official in France. In diabetes mineral waters probably act beneficially only by relieving some of the accompanying symptoms, constipation, intestinal catarrh, etc., and the baths are useful In syphilis warm and hot baths may hasten the appearance of roseola, etc., and so induce earlier resort to specific treatment, and, combined with the latter, have a favorable effect on the skin symptoms. Laparotomy and lysis of a single adhesive band was required because of intestinal obstruction one month At present, the patient wears a temporary appliance only when he has severe viral diarrhea. Hence, it seemed desirable to further investigate this method of sterilization, and if it proved inefficient to determine whether or not any other infiammalDle fluid will accomplish the sought-for end. The diagnosis of aural polypi presents no difliculties. Elephantiasis, have probably been described; but, in spite of the confusion of statement, this disease would seem to be a rare manifestation of scrofula, which may precede any others in its development. Oilier, in order to elucidate certain undecided points, determined to institute new series of experiments of a very varied and novel character.

Dr Haig Ferguson saw this case with me and thought she was too ill to have any operation done. When, however, the object of a bandage is REFERENCE HANDBOOK OP THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. The reason for this observation is speculative. Each nerve was followed well back to the spine, and from one-half to three-quarters of an inch excised from each of the three. None of these, however, giving satisfactory results, he tried the same solution of salicylate of lime as in the preceding case.

Almost all precipitated in more than two or three The normal cerebrospinal fluids, those from which one would not expect positive Wassermami or Lange reactions, are grouped together in Table X. The cervix was drawn down by threads passed through it and by forceps, and the customary incision carried round it. It will be a very simple matter, therefore, preliminary to an operation, to take the photograph of similar calculi, and then compare them with the results of photographs taken through the patient. The mistake of supplying a harmful drug for an innocent one may be punished either criminally or civilly.

If uterus is relaxed or there is hemorrhage, a solution of compound tincture iodin should be used.

It will be remembered that these authors showed that animals were more susceptible to infection after they had received an injection of arsphenamine or neoarsphenamine, than they were if they received no treatment; in other words that, whereas the untreated animals were developing a greater or less immunity to reinfection, tlie treated ones reacted differently and showed no immunity. The pupil, which before had shown a V-shaped elongation to the wound, was again restored to nearly its original shape except for a slight nick at its outer edge. An experienced practitioner in this as in other departments of medicine will have learned how to draw from the patient a few facts of her history that guide him to the seat of mischief, and may even give him a fair impression as to its probable nature; but the student who is learning to investigate requires to have some such chart as this to guide him in his inquiries, and it may even prove helpful sometimes to the skilled practitioner who wishes fully to investigate and keep a record of his cases. He argues that the essential cause of albuminuria is dilatation of the vessels, such as is seen in the relaxation of the vessels after contraction in strychnine poisoning, or in section of the vaso-motor nerves of the kidneys.

Harris recommends the application of" dry" steam as the most certain and economical for the disinfection of closed apartments, vessels, and such materials as will safely admit of its application.

The wound healed in three weeks, and the growth had not returned eight months later. It is armed with prickles to the top; those of the trunk and sharply serrate'; petioles and midribs prickly beneath. If I am to be remembered at all, for I am past the age of ambition, I want it to be as a benefactor and not as a curse to rhankind; and this depends upon the fact, whether the learned Faculty on one side, from design and malice, and the ignorant Impostors on the other, from love of gain, shall abuse my system, and turn a great good into a great evil, till the people lose all confidence in the genuine by being poisoned by the counterfeit. The case was one of large pus tubes and the pedicle was half cut off.

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