A central affection may be situated either in the labyrinth itself, in the trunk of the nerve, or the brain. When the weakness of the legs is slight, the gait somewhat awkward, the muscles large and firm, and the calf-muscles somewhat contracted, the case may be mistaken for one of pseudo-hypertrophic muscular paralysis. Brandy and champagne are given if needed.

The umbilicus in such cases has a healthy appearance, and there are none of the ordinary symptoms of phlebitis though the cases may proceed to a fatal In a third class of cases the skin may or may not be decidedly yellow, there is great constitutional disturbance with high temperature, dry tongue, and tender and swollen bellv, there mav also be chills and abscesses in the parenchyma of the liver and elsewhere. Sturgis expressed the opinion that in every instance of hereditary syphilis, if the history can be fully ascertained, it will be found that these later lesions have always been preceded by earlier and lighter manifestations of the disease. We heartily commend the book and congratulate the Dr. The vascular tufts of the glomeruli are large, contain an occasional erythrocyte, but are more richly cellular than normal and frequently show filling of capillary loops by endothelium. He considers affections of the conjunctiva and tear sacs especially fitted for antiseptic treatment, and recommends solutions of corrosive sublimate and Subscriptions may begin at any date. One is connected with the influence of the gelatin layer on These diffusion potentials which exist regardless of the presence or absence of a membrane and regardless of the nature of the membrane seem to be responsible for the fact that the ions with opposite sign POTENTIAL DIFFERENCES AND ANOMALOUS OSMOSIS of charge as that of the water"attract" the water with a force increasing with the valency of the ion, while the Donnan effect seems to be and the solutions free from salt had always the same pH. As a manifestation of primary syphilis, the chancre is hardly of more importance than the indolent adenopathy.

Res'idue, a preparation remaining after treating a pure culture of typhoid bacilli with absolute alcohol, ether, and an alcoholic solution of sodium hydroxide, whereby the extraneous matters, fats, and toxin are removed; it is non-toxic and is used as an immunizing agent and as a curative remedy in the early stages of typhoid fever, t.

A deposit of lithates has been said to occur as a critical discharge; but in the cases examined by the writer, this was observed quite as often at earlier as at later periods, and most frequently a day or two before convalescence.

However, it might be well to state that no evidence was found to support the view that the organisms to be described multiply or pass through any stages within two true host inhabiting in chickens and turkeys. Six more oysters from the same lot which had not been opened all had perfect styles, and five contained Cristispira. The facts concerning this side of the regulation of heat are too well known to require elucidation on this occasion. These experimenters have shown that heat production and contraction are in a measure independent properties of the muscle. VaniUi'ni compos'lta, compound tincture (or essence) of vanillin; alcoholic solution of vanillin and t. Joints, panioubrij' those of thv hipt, Oodrun AmoiiBand. Series of experiments on patients with pernicious anemia. Soreness in the front of the neck, and pain or sense of tightness over the sternum, are frequently complained of in these cases, and sometimes slight oedema is noticeable in Albumen is found in the urine in the great majority of cases; its presence either in large or small quantity does not necessarily affect the excretion of urea: this'is always increased during the whole period of illness, and when the disease is at its height is frequently double.

This, in regular cases, is on the day week from the Vacciikation; the lymph is then easily obtained in sufficient quantity. This is one of the most striking facts of should have been left to me to call attention to it.

Two of these had improved, but both were cases of young ansemic girls.

Unfortunately I did not make any measurements of the same points before operation. Comninntioo; IriCiiralioiL Raeon, founded on the eontpo-ftimtilant property of oertutn invdicUiiM, oa ctnclie injury or lesion, in whiih iborc h cxlravatiniion ot blond, onnaHl )iy (he dinrk nf a OouTolutiUnui of Uie IntostJzias.

The same pus may, if introduced into the system of one horse, produce acute glanders; into that of a second, farcy; into that of a third, chronic possibility of the disease originating spon' Travers, An Inquiry concerning that disturbed State of the Vital Functions usualljr HISTORY OF TUB DISEASE IN HAN. A portion of one placenta was patient dying of mercurial intoxication. A fona ti cation nf ronlloid ikiskm to tlw For'raal. If the iritis be allowed to proceed unchecked, it will in all probability end in obliteration of the pupil, either partial or complete.

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