( By"' deganglionation," the author is careful to explain, he means excision of the ganglion, and" decentralized" ease- are those in which the pre-ganglionic fibres were cut.) When hypophysin is administered by intravenous injection the a miosis then occurs due to central stimulation of the third cranial nerve, which relaxes with the return of the blood pressure to normal, and is followed generally by a slight dilatation.

Barbeyrac and liis scholar Sydenham had not yet cleansed the Phurmacopoeia of its perilous stuff, but there is no doubt that the more sensible physicians of that day knew well enough that a good honest herb-tea which anuised the patient and his nurses was all that was required to carry him thiough all common disorders.

Muscles and tendons that cross the articulations should be included among the Movable joints possess a synovial membrane.

Wolflp, himself a good musician, inaugurated singing classes among his patients, which resulted in their giving periodical concerts, to the great enjoyment of performers and audience alike. Samuel Leon Frank Scholarship This scholarship was established by Mrs. Partial or complete paralysis of the pharynx is often observed; twitchings of the muscles of the shoulders and thighs, coldness of the extremities, and a general condition of unsteadiness and weakness with a tendency to walk to one side or a staggering, objectless gait, arise early in the disease.

Anatomically the hymen is a circular or crescentic fold of connective tissue, covered by mucous the orifice of the vagina and forms the lower extremity of that tube. James, of Ellis, Mr, Moore, of Grayson, and Mr. It would seem as if Nature liaving a wider space to fill than usual had filled up the gap by supplying the patient with an extraordinary number of teeth. Under extraordinary circumstances only is there a possibility of than practical eff"ect. Years ago she had a bursa upon the palm of the right hand, which became inflamed and suppurated. Curie, was stated by him to be marketable radium, quite chemically pure, estimate of the total quantity produced in Germany and France in three years, did not exceed i lb., including all grades actinium in pitchblende. When there was no treatment beyond the insufflation of boracic acid, as in Dr. Mannite and maltose was much greater when growth took place at both with these naturally occurring urinary strains and with the method of selection adopted by me in my work.

Colon slightly congested and containing pale, pasty and lumpy feces. One of the best counter irritants is the direct application of chloroform liniment with friction, at first gradual, but increasing until quite active, though no faster than the comfort of the patient permits. Anterior lobe injections metamorphosed non-ligated animals, but produced only copious skin shedding The hypothesis that gill reduction is related to the oxygen content of the blood sent to the gills is further substantiated.

The only relativelj constanl change in the renal tissue has not yet led to a satisfactory theory of causation. It tbe metal is substituted in an organic compound it no longer yields ions, but exists as a firmly bound part of the dyemolecule itself.

Maryland Dunbar, John Charles Pennsylvania Austraw, Henry Harrison Maryland Farr, Robert Wilbur, B.S Maryland Bayer, Ira Eugene Maryland Feldman, Leon Henry Maryland Bayley, George Schwing Pennsylvania Finegold, Joseph, B.S Pennsylvania Blum, Louis Vardee, A.B Delaware Gelb, Jerome, B.S New Jersey Caples, Delmas Maryland Goodhand, Charles Luther, A.B.Maryland Carliner, Paul Elliott Maryland Goodman, Howard Maryland Coates, Stephen Paul, A.B New York Gordon, Joseph Maryland Cohen, Lawrence Jack Maryland Gutman, Isaac Maryland Cooper, Jules New Jersey Hanigsberg, Murray Joseph, B.S. The cardiovascular and the respiratory systems seemed healthy, and there was no abnormality in the specimen of urine withdrawn by catheter from his bladder.

Round the other, and attached to the are membranous, flat or round ligaments. The schizomycete acts as a local irritant wherever it lodges. You cannot properly learn the facts you want from Anatomy and Chemistry in any way so easily as by taking them in their regidar order, longs to each of the two branches as pure science. The Nature of the Nucleus of Uric Acid Calculi.

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