The reaction, howe- tion after death, a rupture abundantly ver, was of short continuance, for in five hours after delivery large for the escape of the foetus was BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. Having at length obtained the name of" M.

Exact methods of studying the pelvis and size of the child's head may become a prominent factor in reducing the number of serious forceps operations.

He had a huge duodenal ulcer for which I did a gastroenterostomy with infolding. However, drowsiness appears to be the most common reaction. One theory related to sleeping position asserts that rebreathing exhaled carbon dioxide may be one of the causes of SIDS. With these and other remarks, which cannot be introduced here, the Professor took leave of his audience, by wishing for his students a continued zeal in the prosecution of their studies; for the candidates for graduation a triumphant passage through the narrow gate that leads to professional honors; and for the young practitioners abundant opportunities of relieving the poor, an adequate reward of their labors from the rich, and, above all, a conscientious discharge of their duties through life. In large doses, the temperature goes down. On the other hand, the cases that required stitching were those in which no contractile power existed, and were, therefore, before it was closed. I well remember the case of a lady over fifty years of age to whom I was called about two years ago in consultation on the evening of the first arrangements could not be made for it on that night, and so it went over until the next afternoon. - of importance to the general practitioner because it may frequently be diagnosed even in its early stages, by the presence of well-known physical signs; its dire prognosis forseen, and very serious consequences at times averted, and because it is liable to atack persons in the better walks of life, well known in the community, men who have probably no inherited weakness, whose work has been crowned with success and gives promise of still better things; professional and business men, authors and actors, Moreover there seems but little doubt that among the population of the cities at least, this disease is upon the increase. They now have a standing in the estimation of the community, which they had not formerly.

Any narrow piece of wood wrapped splint, and he persists, unless I am there, in plugging a wound with charpie long after it is required, and, in many cases, has caused large sinuses where the wound would have healed up two or ti.ree weeks sooner had he not been too officious. Reports from Europe during the past few months stated that there had been extensive epidemic prevalence of a disease resembling influenza.

I may now put a series of questions.

We Would welcome support from all interested parties, such as senior citizen organizations and consumer groups.

-As I was a little shy of my new remedy, not as ytt knowing much about it, I limited my operation to his face, the region about which -he was chiefly solicitous. Of pressure to a case of watery eflu Although cases of poison from sion into the cavity of the abdomen, cheese are not i nc niraon, yet, as Tiie patient was a female, who had far as we have been able to learu, labored under the disease some no chemical analysis has yet detected months. American Boards of Internal Medicine and Practice limited to ENDOCRINOLOGY. TO THE MEDICAL PROFESSION OF MASSACHUSETTS.

Surgical practice ran a raice with religious observances; both were highly complicated, unnecessary, and distorted- the simplicity of truth. It is possi ble that, in the future, regulations will make it necessary for men requiring it to accept not only medical and surgical treatment but also The responsibility of recommending the discharge of a man as medically unfit for service rests with carefully-instructed, competent, and perfectly equipped boards composed of medical officers belonging to aud appointed by the French Army Medical Service.

Alas, the aroma of such a life is evanescent and the pen is inadequate to draw the picture. In the second case, all the cells of the body are bathed in this ammonium salt simultaneously and those showing the strongest chemical affinity will attract the most and react accordingly; in the respiratory tract such an affinity is almost equally distributed. The amount to be given under such circumstances must depend on the condition of the patient, and on the effect which they produce. It wherein the consumer receives comprehensive health services for a periodic charge and the providers are paid on a fixed per capita basis, represent a promising system for delivering a full-range Conversion of an ambulatory care facility into a group prepayment health program requires additional staff experienced in marketing, public information, community education, and actuarial techniques. A Bill will be introduced by the city members to carry out all the necessary arrangements, converting the Green into a public park for the enjoyment of the inhabitants of Dublin, which will be under the control of the Government. Such are to be distinguished from the scrofulous by the absence of cheesy products in the interior, or of caseating inflammation in the surrounding testicular tissues.

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