Occasionally cases are met with in which the arachnoid cavity itself contains pm'o-lymph, the sm-face of one hemisphere, for instance, being covered, and yet there is no history of injury or of prior inflammation of the scalp or bone. The only species that can even enter the lists with him is the bluewinged teal, and he is disqualified at once by the fact that he is the"very moral" of a fashionable valetudinarian, spending his summers in Labrador Much of this faculty is, of course, due to man's power of constructing shelter and clothing for himself, but still more to his worldwide range of foodmaterials. Medicine, too, is undergoing severe criticism for its imperfections, though no one of us doubts that it still carries high the banner of service; that it strives to bring the day nearer when there will be less ill health in the world and consequently less for the doctor to do.

In our own series it was found only once in the fluid obtained by lumbar puncture. Bennett as existing in Gri(pialand among the natives and those of mixed race, who suffer from an irresistible impulse to dance, sliout, or grimace on the occasion of any sudden or peculiar sound; and, like the'jumpers,' they also will obey any sudden sharp order, obhvious of Under whatever name or in whatever part of the world it is met with, the condition is essentially a psychical disturbance, and it affects chiefly those who are on the outskirts of civilisation. He said that, as a link with the past, his position was different to that of the others present; that he was able to compare the old and the new. If found diseased they were burnt forthwith. Let us ready for their reception and their feed is already put out.

Cabot reported the case of a clergyman who was attacked with pneumonia and in an hour and a half was livid and suffering from dyspnoea and pain in the chest.

Oldright) that the rest of the programme be taken as read, that nominations might be received for oflBcers for the coming year.

The daily amount of excreta evacuated by animals must necessarily vary with the nature and amount of the diet. He is very apt at picking up a tune; he can pick it up at once.

The next morning (the thii-d day of his residence in the hospital) his countenance Avas indicative of great distress, and he referred all his pain and anguish to the region of the heart, over which he could not endure even the slightest pressure.

And a mattress is supposed to be aired by somebody else sleeping on it and saturating it with his own damp before the patient comes to exhale into it the The bed is always saturated with the patient, and the unfortunate patient who lies in it is always being saturated with the The ordinary sick-bed of a private patient is generally exactly what it ought to be to bring this poisoning process to perfection: a wooden four-poster with curtains, two or even three mattresses, or even a feather-bed, piled the chimney or above the lower chink of the sash-window, which is all that is ever opened; the window not opening or opened at the top; a valance fastened to the firame.

To attempt to connect this difference in grouping of the signs and symptoms with differences in the locality of the lesion, is to concern ourselves with the secondary, as opposed to what has been previously termed the primary, problem of diagnosis. It was sore to the touch, of a hard tense feel, and showed the dark colour of melanotic deposit through the skin. Retropulsion was also present, but to a much less degree. In fluids they grow freely, as in broth or milk, causing but little change in the latter. Further, year by year, nursing needs to be more and more of a moral calling. And although Rosenbach did not succeed in cultivating the special bacillus in a ))ure condition, he was able to exclude the other forms present in the cultivations as caiises of tetanus, by cultivating them apart and inoculating in other animals. When this cannot be done, spots of the murdered person's blood spiinkled on white paper, and fragments of his lungs and kidneys should be carefully preserved, the former by rapid drying, the latter by preservation in diluted alcohol. Simulating Meningitis Due to Primarj Pneumococcus Meningococcus in the Nasal Secretions, Nasal Insufficiency, Due to Exaggerated Prominence of the Anterior Arch of the Necrosis, Fat, with Hemorrhage and Acute Observations on Monocular Diplopia and Os in Parturition, a Rigid, A Speedy Method Otitis Media with Purulent Meningitis, A Ovaritis, Chronic and Cystic, Ignipuncture Pancreatitis, Acute, with Hemorrhage and Parasite in Bloody Pleuritic Exudation, A Peritonitis. To the Admiralty, then, the covmtry and the naval service must look for action in this most important matter; that Board which has usually had the character of being obstructive in its operations whenever medical questions have arisen, must turn over a new leaf, and learn salutary lessons from the statistics of the health of the navy which are annually laid before them. Even of this there are several kinds, the chief being the tick and negro. If these cases are to have any chance of recovery they must be got up into the open air; but the disease is a most heartbreaking one to deal with, and the mortality so high that it leaves very little hope of success. In another case there were t'ound, alter death, a high degree of congestion of the brain and its meud)ranes, together with an effusion of bloody serum into the ventricles.

A light extension by weight and pulley was applied, the patient being fixed in bed, and the limb in two weeks became perfectly straight. On potft-mortem examination a squamous-celled epithelioma of the esophagus trachea, through which the food passed in the act of swallowing, thus producing the spasmodic cough and ultimately leading Microscopic examination revealed squamous-celled epithelioma with typical cell nests, shaggy ulcerating growth in middle of esophagus opposite the bifurcation of the trachea, which it here perforated, allowing food material to pass in.

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