Tbe axis cylinders were swollen and beaded in the affected fibres. Typical cases of gout, manifest by painful and swoolen joints, usually of the smaller joints, but not always traceable often to imprudence in eating too rich a diet of red meats, game, wines, malt liquors, etc., are a common experience, and are modified and controlled by restriction or complete abstinence in this respect.

It occurred to the writer that a statement of some facts brought out in connection with his duties as a medical inspector of schools would he of interest to the As is generally known, there has been for some years a system of medical inspection of public schools.

In the jiclvis and calyces concretions of the following forms occur: (a) Small irritty particles, renal sand, ranging in size- from the individual grains they are too fine to be arrested in tlieir downward passage. A catheter was passed into the ureter through the incision in the renal pelvis, and a portion of the ureter was resected; the free end was then slit upon one side slightly in order to make a larger entrance, and was sutured into the most dependent portion of the renal pelvis; the soft catheter was passed into the ureter through the wound in the pelvis, a hole being cut in that portion of the instrument which lay within the pelvis of the kidney in order to drain the latter.

Erste Niichstenhilfe bei Onfiillen und plotzlichen Erkrankungen. In the one the skin is moist, pale, and cool, the pulse small and soft, and consciousness may remain till near the end; whereas in the other there is high fever witli York and riiiladolphia the death-rate varies very much at different seasons. Excellent sewing, cutting and reading table. One point iu regard to the technique I think is of considerable importance, and that is the danger of introducing infection from the diseased side into the sound side. The surgery of the heart and lungs.

Pain in back occasionally when lying down and after defecation. Amyl nitrite will sometimes cut short or prevent an attack (Chvostek). They decompose salts of the weaker acids, and form ethers when combined with alcohol. After delivery in a patient with central placenta previa who had lost considerable blood before I am not at all sure that the toxaemia case should be classed as a hemorrhage death. On several occasions the ventricles were tapped, and an ounce or two of seropurulent fluid evacuated with an immediate, though, unhappily, only a temporary amelioration of the symptoms, shown by a fall in blood pressure, an improvement in the pulse and respiration, and a considerable lessening of the mental stupor.

It matters little how the cold either by sponging, cold applications, rubbing with ice, or ice coil. That the patient had been infected with diphtheritic double antidiphtheritic and antistreptococcic serum of dant and contained shreds of membrane. See Extensor secundi in ternodii pollicis. It would no doubt be possible for such to form ii the hematuria from calculus, but I have never met with a case of blood casts of the pelvis and of the ureter, either alone or together, except in cancer.

In fact, re r moval of the appendix in simple cases, either during or between attacks, is perhaps the easiest operation in the abdominal cavity.

A person duly authorized to practice physic or surgery, or a professional or registered nurse, shall not be allowed to disclose any information which he acquired in attending a patient in a professional capacity, and which was necessary to enable him to act in that capacity; unless, where the patient is a child under the age of sixteen, the information so acquired indicates that the patient has been the victim or subject of a crime, in which case the physician or nurses may be required to testify fully in relation thereto upon any examination, trial or other proceeding in which the commission of such crime is a subject of What was sought to be accomplished by this statute has been judicially set forth in an opinion written shortly after its enactment. Les dangers de I'antisepsie interne; mer. Positive proofs that blood can circulate without the aid. "Overetherization is impossible." In cases of apnea from opium poisoning, etc., air, or air mixed with oxygen, can be blown into the trachea, thus maintaining aeration of the blood until spontaneous respiration returns. It may be the first symptom noted by the mother. Joskph O'Dwyer, who achieved an international reputation by demonstrating the practical applicability of intubation of the larynx as a substitute for tracheotomy, fifty-five.

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