During the first two operations, ether was administered, but after it was not, as the nerve-supply to the head being lost, no pain was experienced, even when the curette was used, except near the edges of the wound. Even in more modern times when wealth of discovery and increased specialization began to separate from the busy general practitioners a group of medical men in charge of university or medical school clinics or of consultation practice in their communities, these men entered upon this varied work with many views in common. Flexner asserts that the micro-organisms of anterior poliomyelitis cannot be affirmed at present. X-rays of sinuses showed a right maxillary sinusitis apd an abscess at the root of the first upper right bicuspid. The distances at which the opponents were placed from each other when the wounds were inflicted were similar, they were treated by the same surgeons, and had the same hospital and climatic advantages. Muscles are usually torn by some extreme involuntary contraction, as in recovering from a wrong step or slip, or in the extreme contractions of lock-jaw. It must depend upon irritation of the peripheric vagus filaments in the heart or upon tlio heart muscle itself.

A needle handle; the name given by want of power to distinguish the by the successive addition of acetic and concentrated sulphuric acids to of the femur for ankylosis of the ADDISON'S DISEASE.

It is worse when cooled off after a long drive, but it may appear intermittently while at work, as occasional stumbling or dropping on the sound foot for some time at first.

As they were generally accompanied with more or less indications of constitutional disturbance on the occasions of the recurrence, the inference was that they were chiefly attributable to general systemic derangement, due, perhaps, to the deleterious influence of septic products in the air of the ward, rather than to any direct influence, such as contagion. In a cow of medium size, the smallest quantity obtained, during an experiment of twelve manner, in another experiment, from a young bull, with a These estimates, I believe, are not exaggerated.

An alkaloid contained in the root of Aconitiim was rubbed upon the joints, but was afterwards extended to applications without reference to the ceaseless). Spreading fresh Utter under the horse will sometimes induce staling. Males chiefly suffer, partly, no doubt, from their special liability to common accessory causes, but mainly because the rabid dog is far more likely to bite a male than a female. Flower of the wild pomegranate). Must be sufficiently obvious that the development of these will depend very largely upon the location of the gummata and the resulting connective tissue. Periodicals of one hundred years ago is of greater assistance in showing what the physician of that time was interested in, than a similar examination of the more formal medical treatise. He was immediately seized with abdominal pain and vomiting. He has noticed for a long time that he urinates more frequently, especially at night, sometimes having to rise eight or ten times during the night: The latter is apt to form knots, torsion, etc. This portion of the ileum was of a dark, livid appearance, and had lost its natural tenacity. The usual changes patient was placed in the prone position following the development of a pressure area on the left hip.

Probably the most successful is the appendicostomy procedure with, later, irrigations with the above-named substances. He he complained of weakness, and of pain in his back; on the and in his lower limbs. A notice of them will sometimes point to ill effects which may be advantageously remembered, with a view to their mitigation and prevention as far as practicable, when wounds and injuries of a similar nature are in the course of their primary treatment.

As a specimen of the style of the author, we present the following extract, taken from his admirable description has nothmg- gaudy or brilliant in it; and, had he nothing- else to recommend him, would scarcely entitle him to notice, but his figure is well-proportioned, and even handsome. Idiopathic syphilitic inflammation of the optic nerve is very uncommon. The profuse bronchial secretion is considered by Bramwell to be due to vaso-motor paralysis and to be comparable to the sweating and to the diarrhoea from increased intestinal secretion. That the excito-motor fibres resist paralysis longer than the inhibitory vagus fibres is a fact which has been demonstrated by Truhart and Schmiedeberg in experiments on frogs, in which after removal of the inhibitory influence of the vagus, a rapid increase in the action of the heart was induced by long electrization of the peripheric vagi. A small pad of gauze saturated with a four per cent, solution of boracic acid is then applied over each nipple, sterilized gauze pad. Fowke was gouty and asthmatical, nervous and apprehensive, constantly apologetic, slow of speech, and slow to form a judgment, in some of the obituary notices of the editor's financial abilities, and in spite of his nationality, he was really a very indifferent financier. The technic is simple, as there is no sensation in the bone, the skin and periosteum alone are desensitized. The worst epidemics recorded by British surgeons have taken place in fixed hospitals during the heat of summer. The curvature of the intestine, enveloped in fine linen, was replaced in the abdomen; it was then precisely one o'clock. The eye to be observed having been rendered luminous, there is only a second condition to be fulfilled, namely, to make it possible for the eye of the observer to accommodate itself to the focal distance of the one to be observed.

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