A chemical term, in French depart, or linquart, signifies, in general, any separation of two bodies before united: but it is particularly applied to the separation of gold from silver by the nitrous acid, where the silver is dissolved, but DISCRE'TA PURGATI'VA, (from discerno, to separate). A proud son of Prussia, a Yale education, and blood to offset the effects of delerium tremens which set in almost immediately. The function of the vaso- motor nerves most frequentlj' called into exercise is contraction. The operation for the relief of this condition consisted in the removal of that portion of the metatarsal bone projecting inwards beyond the first phalanx, after exciting inflammatory bursse. These natural ligaments slide, to use the expression, along wath the intestine from the cavity of the abdomen, through the inguinal ring, into the scrotum. Potassium nitrate in the drinking water. This process has been attributed to a solution of the fluid in air; but evaporation takes place in vacuo: even mercury exhales in the Toricellian vacuum, and ice in the open air. In the intervals our chief exertions I e place; and we have been lately accustomed to trust almost exclusively to the Peruvian bark.

Of the angustura bark we cannot speak so decisively as we may be able to do under phthisis, as it is at present the subject of our trials.

(Johns Hopkins THE NEW ENGLAND SURGICAL SO( li:n Experiences with the I'se of Radium. It carries the limb forward or inclines the head to the side.

Its effect marked improvement in vision had attended its persevering use.

Hallopeau had published a case in which the first symptoms rif leprosy had appeared thirty-two years after return from a country where this disease was endemic. His friends, and their number is legion, know the many sides of a varigated person. On the other hand, if the islets of sclerosis are scattered more or less that formerly described as chronic myelitis and there is no doubt, I think, that nearly all of the cases formerly diagnosticated as chronic myelitis which were not the sequelae of acute myelitis and other infectious disease, were cases of disseminated sclerosis.

Although migration of leucocytes occurs under a variety of conditions and circumstances, the general principle that suppuration is always due to the action of microorganisms seems to be established." be but little doubt that there exists a constant relation (as regards several of the infectious diseases certainly) between the amount of suppuration and the degree of immunity that different animals show microorganism. Some of the faults of the method are mechanical, and doubtless will be overcome; others I think are inherent to it and insurmountable.

Trj' it before resorting to tracheotomy. It is often called ether-extract and is found in seeds more than in coarse foods. The diagnosis of cholelithiasis is ofttimes made with great difficulty, for there are so many conditions which simulate the presence of gallstones that the diagnostician is too often puzzled in his differentiation.

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