She was soon up and well, surgically speaking, but a train of nervous symptoms appeared, attributed to the anticipated menopause. Chantemesse immunizes horses with a typhoid"toxin" which is prepared by growing the organism in a liquid culture which contains an emulsion of splenic tissue.

I subsequently learnt that, during the preceding six or seven months, she had lived very badly, in consequence of her husband being out of work. It ought not to be lost sight of that sugar in the urine alone does not constitute diabetes any more than fever constitutes malaria; and, of all the diseases we are called upon to treat and manage, of this one it may surely be said,"We ought to treat the patient and not the name of the disease." This must be all the more manifest when we recall the several conditions which may account for the presence of saccharine matter in the urine. The dose of serum should be fifteen mils and its administration should be preceded bv the removal of a somewhat larger amount of fluid.

It is well known that color changes of the vaginal mucosa are due to venous congestion, and may be induced by many causes other than blood, and, regardless of the cause of the observed is the same. McMurtry, of Louisville, bringing the list up to any better in opening the discussion of this paper than to very briefly relate a case that I was fortunate enough to see during the spring just past. The immunization is difficult and from several months to a year and a half are required for the production of a strong serum. In this way most of these patients can be carried along until term, or until spontaneous premature birth occurs. The Senate, with a keener sense of justice, gave heed to the earnest representations of the entire publishing industry, and showed an inclination to handle the situation in a sane and logical manner. I remember one case of a little girl shot through the brain who got well. The discovery of this traffic was made by inspectors of the Bureau of Food and Drugs, of the Department of Health of the City of New York.

These spiculfiB must be removed, and in this class of injuries we have little or no possibility of error on the part of ourselves as to what we should do.

Later she asked for work and when busy was much less attended her in the general hospital, and when she returned she stated that everyone on the street seemed to be looking at her and to be thinking she was not in her right mind. Henry Morris recommends that the pelvis and upper end of the ureter be palpated before the kidney is disturbed in order to detect any small calculus that might be present and prevent its falling into the ureter during manipulation. These discoveries do not, however, put this particular streptococcus on a satisfactory basis as the cause of the disease, since streptococci from various sources are able to cause experimental arthritis in rabbits (Cole, Harris). These bony masses were rough and nodulated, and were deposited apparently within the sinuses of the valves, and one portion of great size extended from one of the valves down into the cavity of the ventricle. Regular and steady exercise, with proper diet, should also be enforced. Since then such results have been obtained on numerous occasions, all being patients in whom lues could be definitely excluded. Abraham Zinghek read a paper on the Diagnosis and Serum Treatment of Anterior Poliomyelitis. Of distilled water or olive oil in cases of epilepsy, he noted a change in the condition of the patients such that, where two or five paroxysms had been experienced daily, intervals of five to eight days elapsed without a seizure. The work is well illustrated and brought fully up to date. This was cut out from among the muscles, and the attacks ceased. Here is a growth which was found in the falx cerebri, about half an inch below the upper surface of the brain. Proof of a gastroenteric localization of infection is lacking. Some doses of camphor may prevent the return of the fits.

The fact that the serum of defibrinated or coagulated blood contains cytase is not in discord with such an opinion, for in this instance also the leucocytes may be injured to such a degree that certain of their constituents are discharged. It lessens the chances of the child receiving which comes with time is due to some other organ or part taking up the work of the disabled organ or part. A bismuth-coated catheter used in connection with radiography often helps in diagnosis.

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