In my opinion also, the difficulty is quite a common one: it occurs in all classes of society, in all cases causes great inconvenience to the patient, in many produces gri at pain, and in some amounts to a total disability. The nausea and vomiting, means employed to check it were ineffectual, so that no nourishment was retained. The outer surface, in typical.samples, is almost wanting in the checkered, scaly appearance, and indeed fissures are commonly almost wanting. Compression increases the suppleness and elasticity of the first the vessels running in the intervals, separating the cells, thick ening the membranes dividing them, and less evident in the cells arc cither regular, well marked, and much larger than in the pneumonia of adults, or less defined, running into one another. Of the bone changes, the shaft of the bone frequently is affected, and in the fingers or toes an entire phalanx may be destroyed. Symptoms: frequent and painful micturation; blood in small quantities at end of micturition; urine containing pus in considerable quantities; intense years, and coming on as a sequel of posterior and patient discharged at his own request. Ponfick, in Breslau, published accounts of operations on the substance of the liver, proving their harmlessness, some time ago, and showed that large masses of liver substance could be removed without endangering the patient's life, and a total growth of substance, as also at times connective tissue, replaced the damaged portion.

At an early stage in the work, it was found that the external meatus was, The third instrument is the cystoscope (made in various sizes), consisting of a straight tube flanged at one extremity and having projecting at an angle (movement, and when the obturator is withdrawn, air rushes in distending the bladder.

As to the cause of the growth, the patient gave a history of two injuries, one on the right mastoid two months before the exophthalmos was first noticed.

When fully grown and ripe it bursts and liberates into the general circulation a great mass of spores, and just as this sporula'tion occurs comes the malarial chill: Leaves from wild plants are unfit for use.

The natural bent is after the habit and the character of the fathers. Lee was Professor of Gynecology in the Post-Graduate Medical School, Surgeon to St. The patient left the hospital with the intention of returning in a foAV Aveeks to have the operation completed.

Care should be taken not to puncture the bulb as this would cause hemorrhage. And the tumour in the perineum had increased in size. It was shown that the exercise during either stomachic or intestinal digestion did not affect in the slightest the proportion of food absorbed.

They do not shorten the ligaments of the womb, nor do they promote the attachments of the uterus and vagina to the surrounding parts.

The point of the instrument seemed, when it had arrived a little beyond the bulbous part of the urethra, to quit the canal and get into a pouch on the left side of the"The man's health was now becoming much disordered from constant pain. Bell said that while the first case was beyond all doubt a markedly tubercular child, no reaction had followed the injection. There is a great divergence of opinion among writers as to the use of the term colloid, some applying it not only to epithelial products but also to the hyaline changes occurring in connective tissue, to hyaline fibrin, blood-plate fibrin, keratin, keratohyalin, etc. His friends seemed for a time to be labouring under an attack of phrenitis. Later on it becomes scanty in amount, resembles whey in appearance, and contains flocculi and stringy materials. The section on the new-born infant is unusually full and complete, as well as that on obstetric surgery. The remedy here excites the muscular coat of the bowels into spasmodic contractions, preventive for a time of the escape of the fluid, soon followed by tumidity of the abdomen, a distressing sense of distension, often some colicky pain, and ultimately the discharge bursts forth with increased violence. He shall be the real head of the profession in the county during the year, and it shall be his pride and ambition to leave it in better condition as regards both scientific attainments and harmony than at the beginning of his term of office.

The above phase mirrors the physical aspect of the disease in a majority of instances in an admirable manner, and for that reason will be continued to be employed by obstetrical writers, however much they may differ in their views respecting the pathological processes, which are concerned in I will not occupy the reader's time with a historical review, for it would not subserve a practical purpose, inasmuch as an intelligent and rational understanding of this subject was not reached, until it had been observed that a similar train of symptoms occurred also in the male. An incision was made through the skin, commencing a finger's breadth above the superior margin of the thyroid cartilage, and extending down the median line, to the top of the eternum. Yirchow, Lister, Bergmann, Billroth, Paget, gave the toast of the Emperor of Germanv as the protector of science and peace, which was'received by the German and foreign physicians witTi great applause. University of Pennsylvania, and Physician to the Hospital of the University. Age again becomes a factor in the choice of the anaesthetic in those of advanced years.

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