M., a Case of Chronic Cyanosis, with Polycythemia and Insanities to Criminal Responsibility and Civil Capacity. Tradition tells that, after landing, John Fothergill came late to a meeting at York, where he stood up and spoke, but presently stopped, saying that what he had to impart was given to another; on this followed a powerful address from a younger Friend, and when Fothergill afterwards inquired who it was, he was told that it was his son Samuel Fothergill settled in the business of a tea-dealer and American merchant at Warrington, which in the course of years brought him a competency, but he gave up much time, as did also his wife, to visiting meetings and Friends in England and Ireland. To resume, it must be borne in mind that rickets is a disease of debility, and of an enfeebled constitution, which every means must be used to counteract.

, Linie der Frankfurter Vereinigung; Frankfurter Linie. The sheep tick, so called, is not a tick, but a fly.

A., Liquid, combined alum, Manganese, a double sulfate of manganese and another radicle, particularly manganese and potassium and Ammonium sulfate. Then add milk till it attains almost the consistency of cream. They are light, almost free from smell, are removed with the greatest ease, are not liable to affect the kidneys or bladder, and are remarkably well suited for children.

Catarrhalis, desquamative catarrh of the esophagus occurring in both acute and chronic form, with thickening, separation, and sloughing of the epithelium, catarrhal ulceration, and in chronic cases with hypertrophic thickening of the mucosa.

Thirty-three suitable white cotton tufts, top and bottom (diamond in biscuit pattern), were required. For the above purposes, a pound of salt dissolved in three gallons of water is a good average strength.

Various other modes of treating deafness, with reference to its various causes, have been and are employed. This is the season of the year when plans are to be formulated and matured for attacking this problem promptly, with directness and with enthusiasm (

If no other morbid condition is obviously present, a small amount of animal tissues or eggs may be included in the diet; but in cases complicated by obvious insufficiency or nitrogenous metabolism (as shown by gout, gravel, migraine, arteriosclerosis, chronic nephritis, or hepatic insufficiency), or by disease of the alimentary canal, which increases the habitual production in that canal of putrefactive poisons and their absorption therefrom, the amount of flesh and eggs should be very small indeed or they should be excluded altogether.

Van Slyke has shown in his work on acidosis, that increased concentration may be brought about in two ways: of these conditions will produce the same end picture; and of course there will be cases showing the combination of the two In surveying the alimentary tract from the viewpoint of its mechanics it will be seen that in health, chyme is normally delayed at three points, in the stomach, lower ileum and in the colon. As the authors remark," all anatomy is in a sense surgical and medical," but the plan upon which our anatomical text-books and manuals of dissections are necessarily arranged, renders it difficult to bring clearly before the student the relative practical importance of the different structures from the point of view of the operating surgeon and the opinion, with a marked degree of success. In only two instances was the reaction alkaline; in all the others it was acid, owing to the presence of lactic acid. The first symptom of delirium tremens is a state of restless nervous irritation; if the exciting cause be continued sleeplessness follows, there is no rest, and if there is any approach to sleep, it is haunted by dreams and figures, which seem to excite the greatest terror. Emaciation and general debility also occur; pain and weakness in the loins, and feebleness of the limbs.

The outside of a boiled pu Jdin;; often tastes disagreeably, which arises from the cloth Jiot being nicely washed, and kept in a dry place. Moore; a semifossil resin found in the Kauri fields of New Zealand. The psychological studies lay bare the aspirations, longings, yearnings, and strivings of mankind, be they ever so hidden from view, and reveal the motives at the roots of the strange customs, rules, and laws of primitive tribes, clans, and groups. Most interesting cases are always to be seen including some in which both bone and soft parts of the chin have been carried away. Moreover, almost every case of illness calls for changes and modifications of medicine, to meet the ever-changing symptoms which occur; but the quack panacea ignores such distinction, and professes, by its wonderful property of curing at once, to cut the Gordian the thread of life at the same time. Internally, the horse should be given four ounces of Epsom salts once daily until the bowels move freely; then the following: Pulverize, mix, and give a heaping teaspoonful in the In all cases of itchy skin diseases, a thorough and careful examination should be made for parasites, This is a common name given to an inflammation of the skin of the legs, usually caused by the irritation produced by mud and water in the spring of the year.

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