The improvement of our terminology- is much impeded by the loose clinical slang which too many teachers allow their pupils not only to use at the bedside, but to enter in their case-books also. There is of course an excess of the di-opsy in the dependent parts, due to gravitation, with the results I liave just traced. Dyspepsia, being generally of a functional nature, is devoid of danger. Also, a puncture or vellication. He is subject to the asthma, but it that he had had typhoid fever, rheumatism and scrofula, but denied The family history was negative. His legs were bent outward, and his feet were very small, like those of a much younger child, the toes turned inward, and he refused to stand. For years this man had hardly passed water except in drops, and for some weeks, at least, his bladder could never have been emptied, as the enoraious distension and the decomposed state of the urine showed, and the bladder had lost all power of contracting, for even when a moderate-sized catheter was introduced, pressure on the abdomen was required to propel the urine through the instniment in a stream.

Klaproth'ii Sul'phas, (after M, H. Sheridan, who deserves a much higher estimate than that of a mere a man of great ability, while he was most affluently gifted with oratory and colloquial wit, became an inebriate.

He died as he had lived, passing nsual, and waking on the morrow to sunnier skies and in a And now, gentlemen, my task is done, and I have tried to discharge for our deceased friends the office which some kindly occupant of this chair will do another day for you, for me.

Physiologists and physicians look upon man as what in and differing from those below him in mental faculties not so much in kind as in degree. The deep colonies are spherical and smooth, but the superficial growth forms curved and interlacing lines, often presenting most grotesque figures. There was considerable cutaneous irritation. The aneurism had been recognised last July, and the patient was treated by Mr.

In all cases the number of amoebae found in the lesions bears a distinct relation to the activity of the process.

Our current requirements are already the most stringent which exist in any nation and in general increasingly serve as a model throughout the world. Actually, there is no specific treatment ( He states that purging occurred in three out of the eleven who had partaken of the seeds; and I am inclined to think that in these the purging was due to the fright and emetic, and not to the action of the laburnum. Episi'o, (tviaeiov, (modern) the labium pudendi,) Episiocele, (episio, and Kr)Xtj,'rupture,') see Episioede'ma, gen. Cancer involving the mouth had always seemed to him to be the most frightful form of malignant disease. Now she is apparently in as good health as before the attack. He stated that he was in perfect health; but, upon minute inquiry, he remarked that, preceding the attack in Malta, he had shivered a good deal upon two or three occasions. In tetany there is apparently some disturbance of the composition of the circulating fluids, ordinarily prevented by the normal secretion of the parathyroid; this change in the composition disarranges the balance of the mineral constituents of the tissues. An elementary text in physiology should be a balance text, containing sufficient anatomy to make clear the broader outlines of the structureof the human body, enough physiology to make plain the great laws according to which the body lives, and a full discussion of how a violation of these laws In the opinion of the reviewer the author has admirably accomplished the purposes set forth above. In his experiments with the rattlesnake poison he found that he could make his birds immune, but that this immunity lasted only a few months. London: Smith, us face to face with our" Guide," albeit they form but a small fractional portion of the work, are by no means the least important part thereof, inasmuch as they are truly direct his selection and use of the medicinal agents that are subsequently brought under his notice. Effective use of the drug by the layman. With the exception of clinical material, which cannot be arranged far ahead, the programme for the year is well in hand and the provisional programme already prepared in so far as the sections are concerned.

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