Still the endeavors to improve the diet of the young, and thereby to remove the dangers of intestinal disorders and the sources of excessive mortality and invalidism, are going on. The case cannot, therefore, be admitted in evidence. In any quarter the success of this policy seems,to have been very limited; private (or corporate) interest proving stronger than duty. Cette coagulation s'est prodnite trto-rapidement el s'est bientdt etendue aux veines femorales profonde, poplitee et tibiale. For these reasons, he determined to resort to ureterotomy as the easiest solution of his dilemma.

And mind, that at times he was insane, that he had seemed to age very rapidly, and was as weak as a child. For two weeks there was only a moderate elevation of the pulse and temperature, when suddenly the temperature rose, and the patient died within two weeks from that time of acute miliary tuberculosis. The dry crust of bread is an unfavorable medium for rapid propagation.

We shall content ourselves by referring the reader to the excellent articles extracts, and to the collection of the Journal de Radiologie, the analyses of which will supply useful and ample reading. In chronic gonorrhoea the connection between an increase of local symptoms and a recrudescence in the joint is most striking and characteristic in many cases. Again, in the absence of hospital laimdries and conveniently located salvage depot laundries, the laundry work of hospitals the property of the Medical Department; the washable clothing of patients admitted to hospitals, which required cleansing before it could be put away; the white, hospital clotliing of the enlisted attendants; the uniforms of tho Because of difficulties and unsatisfactory results encountered by the personnel of a number of hospitals in having their laundry done by private arrangements, efforts were made by the commanding officers of some of the hospitals in question to obtain authority to have this personal clothing laundered at plants operating at the hospitals.'" These requests were invariably the inadequacy of the plants to do special work.'" in so far as they affect the tactics and organization of Infantry." On file with organizations in American Expeditionary Forces, to The Adjutant General. The greatest congestion was located in the upper lobe of the right lung, and in the lower lobe of the same lung. The expansive delusions never left him.

A woman, after a fall, complained of eversion and dislocation of the foot; fracture of the fibula could be detected three inches above the external malleolus, but no fracture of the internal malleolus existed.

Yen dix heoM, elle Les poumons sent peu crepitants, exsangues (contrairement k ce que nous attendions). We have seen the changes, after years of natural efforts at expulsion, in the thickened, contracted, and friable gall-bladder; in the gall-bladder buried in extensive adhesions of the right upper quadrant, contracted upon large stones, ulcerated, and filled with septic fluids. The State is possessed of every possible guarantee before selecting him, for the specialist expert is the most powerful of all, being generally alone and open to The sinceritv of the soldier to be examined cannot be admitted d priori. I shall present to you, first, a man who has sustained an injury of the eye which'will necessitate enucleation of the eyeball. With regard to a general rule of dosage, he recommended one-twelfth of an ordinary dose for a child one year old, and for under that age a reduction reckoned by the months of the child's life. To see this structure, it is necessary to make secrtiions, not exceeding the one thousandth of an inch in substance,'direction.

Hartmann a long and cheerful letter, wherdo he mentioned, inter alia, that it was proposed to hold the meeting of the birth, at Dresden, and thence to make a pilgrimage to his birth-place, Meissen. He said that all his mental actions were carried on with effort, a constant weight of misery rested upon him, and he saw nothing in life to live for. A certain number of processes based on the method of the double image are essentially intended to be used in combination with some"mechanical guiding" instrument for the surgeon which we have already studied in relation to their modahties which are adapted to the method of one of the best known as well as one of the best amongst Let E he a, sensitive plate: to its envelope is attached an index V on which is centred with a plumb-bob the anticathode of the tube V. To demonstrate this rational affinity of all the sciences and arts, some far-seeing men planned this scientific gatherings. In most of these cases anaerobic culture methods were not employed.

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