Children known to have been in intimate contact with the patient should be given in adrlition a mild course of hexamethylenamine for several days and also a thorough catharsis.

First, that the care of the child should be the duty of the state, and that through legislation, which has already been accomplished, we should throw upon the state its proper financial obligation in connection with the cure and care and education of the crippled child. There may be only increased reflex excitability. Insanitary conditions, waste, and inefficiency may result from unintelligent handling. Rhoda Adams of Leeds Leave should be granted for pregnancy if advised by the medical inspector, just as one month's leave is laid down at present for the confinement.

The real or imagined, causes an outburst of rage. The patient was able to swallow on the day after the operation, and he was soon encouraged to sit up. The reason of this is, that the bones are at cartilaginous, or gristly, soft, pliable, and elastic, and tl fore totally unfit for enduring any strain, force, or wei Great evils may follow from the infant being forced maturely into an upright position, or from that posi after the child is in some degree fitted for it, being tinned too long. Dean Edsall of Harvard summed up some of the more important points at issue, and a permanent with power to enlarge its number to fifteen, to consider"whatever questions it sees fit and take whatever action for further conference may seem wise in order to continue the activities that this The conference did much to clarify the present situation and to inspire its members with a new realization of the importance of their task. But I was disappointed: I found nothing of interest from a humoristic or scientific However, when a reporter from one of our large dailies came to interview me on this very article. It is reported to be found in Trinidad, British West Indies, and in British Guiana. Any or all of these results may be concerned in any particular case, but, as a rule, one or other has more or less preponderating importance. Materia Medica, Pharmacology, and Special The Practice of Medicine; or. A carbuncle is a malignant boil, and manifests but little tendency to natural recovery. The single example identified in our series had been regarded as a glioma. Known by the manufacturers to be unreliable and, therefore, should not have been exploited at all or in a guarded manner.

For instance, acid fasts, not tubercle bacilli, have been found on the surface of chancres and mucous patches by Lustgarten; in gonorrheal pus by Lazer and Czaplewski; in urine of the syphilitic by Rappin and Hernot; in a suppurating ovarian cyst by Dietrich; in the urethra of a woman suffering from a post-partum ascending pyelonephritis by Stolz; in two cases of panophthalmia showing non-caseous giant cells in the nodules in the retina and iris by Ginsberg; in the sputa of a patient suffering from a disease that clinically seemed to be tuberculosis, but whose autopsv revealed no tubercles, by Zalin; in a case of bronchial dilatation by Melchner; in acute bronchitis by A.

Spirits of camphor or glycerol of tannin may be rubbed in twice daily, to harden the skin. Also that above those pressures the curve of extensibility is hyperbolic. Barnes in a recent issue of the A tuberculosis clinic for ex-service New York City. The patient recovered eventually without a fistula, althouo-h the edges of a small portion of the wound had to be pared and sewed together subsequently.

In order to avoid injury or pain, the nurse should ascertain how the joint moves, remembering the extreme delicacy of the limb she directs. Many nurses wish to give it something take the phlegm out of its throat and move its bowels, urine and mohwses, whisky and molasses, castor oil, etc!he child does not need anything, and the nurse should lot be allowed to dose it under any circumBtancee.

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