Hence mercury acts well in the early stage; it eUminates the plastic exudation. Dressings are changed on the sixth to the eighth day, and skin sutures are removed. He concludes that in some cases the cervical nerves to the trapezius are without fkinction, all the axones from the spinal center passing through the spinal accessory.

In the ordinary life cycle of this parasite the ova were not discharged, and the only way they could be demonstrated was by the administration of santonin. An examination of the patient disclosed a large crescentic tumour, with its concavity directed upwards, and its convexity downwards, lying in the abdominal cavity. But sugar alone is viscid, and by adhering to the sides of the stomach, will stimulate it, disorder the system, and, if diluted with any watery fluid, would be so thin as not to be retained in the stomach long enough for digestion; but mixed with the coagulable part of the milk, it is sufficiently retained. P., a clerk, thirty-four years of age, five years previously to presenting himself at clinic had observed in the left upper extremity. The simple, sympathetic, or inflammatory bubo, which may occur after injuries, or after gonorrhoea, may affect one or both sides, and rarely suppurates. In certain species of serpents the bile is very abundant, as if to compensate for their imperfect respiration.

Regurgitation of gastric juice or islands of gastric mucosa aberrant in the mucosa seem to underly this condition. We recall at this writing a brilliant youth who, at the critical period of his a college professor, now (shall we say hapiiily?) rich in all the intellectual force and social graces that attract the young and captivate the inex perienced. The temperature was very high or subnormal, the pulse very rapid, there were hemorrhages from the nose, eyes, and other mucous membranes, including those of the stomach and bowels; there was hematuria, and there were toxic cerebral symptoms. They were closely applied against the walls of the cavities, and entwined amongst the columnar carnese and tendinous chords of the valves, in such a way as evidently to offer an obstruction to the free play of these latter during life. It was caused by the gonococcus. In volvulus the loop distends more rapidly than the intestine above, which has a vent through the stomach. The principal reason for the rarity of the cephalic chancroid is, however, as already mentioned, the fact that this region is almost always infected by the contact of mucous patches, which, of course, produce true syphilitic Another point on which M. When I have doubted concerning the true character of the case, I have found the quinine a very good test. I would respectfully suggest the query, whether resident physicians in our asylums for the insane are right in denying the use of tobacco in every form to all their patients.

This is the great fall in the death-rate that has recently taken place. They smack too much of commercialism. Cullen y than the neglect of bread; it may well be called," the staff of life." It is the safest vegetable and the best corrector of animal food; and in a hypochondriac state, a large proportion of it will obviate its bad consequences. A similar case happened the enlargement of the engine and electrical plant and the installation of a cold storage plant. These are but few of the many physical causes demanding treatment for permanent relief, but the resultant nerve depression will require other and prolonged methods before the neurasthenic impressions can be neurasthenic rarely knows when to stop; some never know when to start. Be that as it may, it certainly is a graphic description of a severe fever with regular exacerbations on the even days, and antedates Cheyne-Stokes classic respiration by several centuries. Alcohol may be said to act upon the circulatory system, primarily and chiefly; opium, and its preparations, upon the brain and nervous system, primarily and chiefly, and calomel upon the secretions and excretions, and so on. He then accepted the Honolulu, Hawaii.