It well conditionB affecting the internal organs, a.icf among these apiiliances are the abdominal supports in favour of whicli it niay be said thai they lit well, their shape benig anatom.calljr correct, sit comfortably and do not pet out of place. Editor, is extremely interesting, if not invaluable to the commercial world, it may not be of so much importance to physicians as the diseases generated by this pestilential gas. When the animal appears to be doinor well, he must very slowly be permitted to return to his usual food. The methods by which inflation may be performed and the technic In certain cases of subacute or chronic nonsuppurative otitis media, inflation with medicated vapors is often employed to better advantage than plain air.

Hosack's opinion to be correct, these three causes must combine in order for bis supposed contagion to spread. Very careful watch is kept over the exercising patient, and if, at any time, he shows too much auto-inoculation going into auto-intoxication, he is laid off and put at rest until all symptoms have subsided (

Theke was a further decline last week in the fatality of influenza in London. Of the very greatest importance, however, being certainly the chief means by which contagion is transmitted, are the bacilli which are in numerous cases excreted with the urine. He would promise that he would report to the Chief Secretary the views that had been presented and the ohiect whicli the deputation had in coming there. Of course, people who have any existing ailment or constitutional delicacy ought sedulously to take all the precautions Parsons, Buchanan, and others, I liave still my doubts as to its spreading by infection in the ordinary sense.

At the seat of stricture the mucous membrane is often ulcerated or replaced by dense scar tissue.

The Battle of Buena Vista, once the subject of much oratory and to attack us; but he was disappointed by a prompt move of our general, who abandoned this weak position and took up a position near the place now known as Buena main body of the Mexican army could be seen advancing in dense columns, marked by a cloud of dust, extending as far as the eye could reach. Covering practical work with the microscope and including a course in bacteriology and work in the theory of serum and vaccine shall be paid to the pathological condition which it creates in the eye and the nervous Character of the Degree. It is well known that confined animals are peculiarly liable to tuberculosis.

Laurent, residing at South llaiBpstead.

His temperature being still high and his pulse rapid, I again dressed the wound and removed the remainder of the iodoform packing: the whole of it was thoroughly sweet and tlie condition of the wound aseptic throughout.

WTiat do our statistics show in this regard? It is, of course, impossible to get accurate statistics upon these delicate subjects.

When due to vaginal chloride or two "" per cent, lysol, should be used twice daily. It is chronic in course and may lead to gangrene, or symptoms resembling erythromelalgia or Raynaud's disease. Arrived in the womb it floats there for a while, and at length becomes attached to some portion of it. No force should be employed in attempting to overcome the obstruction, but the bougie should simply be held firmly in place for several minutes or be slightly withdrawn when, if a spasm were the cause, it can be advanced as relaxation takes place. On o( the uterus was necessary In patients who laparotomy (or le.sions o( the appendaves. Equinus, due to muscular spasm, t. In considering the pneumonias following influenza, it is therefore believed advisable to confine In the several camps the incidence of influenza, pneumonia, and the case fatality varied, for causes not always clear. The vulnerable zone would be It has been recognized that some form of protection for the eyes patented a helmet which has this object in view. They point out truly enough that the streptococci in erysipelas are outside the zone in which the leucocytes are collecting, and that tliere is little or no evidence of inflammatory reaction for some time after micro-organisms have made their appearance in the lymph spaces.

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