They are part of the State," I said,"and yet get no"Curious," said my medical friend.

Late in afternoon neck rigid, head retracted, pupils equal and react to light, patellar and abdominal May I.

The fall averaged from eleven thousand to three thousand per Cc. This, however, is not the case with the third agent, the bacillus welchii (the bacillus perfringens of Veilon and Zuber), which is recognized by all authors as a habitual lodger in the The fact, therefore, that there are found to three different species is no longer to be doubted; the only question being about the pathogenic part they play.

The gastralgia, if very severe, requires morphia, which is best administered subcutaneously in combination with atropia. Mode of onset may be brusque and perhaps simulate pneumonia, yet the absence of dulness and blowing bro i atl)inr, and the general character of the bronchial inflammation, render the diagnosis simple. It is true that the light carrier takes up a certain amount of space in the lumen of the tube, thus giving less room for intraurethral manipulations, but after some experience in intraurethral work we will find that there is plenty of room left to do all the manipulations necessary. Address In corresponding with Advertisers, please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER. Complete necrosis of the gland, or part of it, may follow either haemorrhage, acute inflammation, or suppurative infiltration, and in exceptional cases may occur after injury or the perfora from ten to twenty days, with symptoms of collapse. Liebreich, these substances act by destroying the nerve-ends and by irritating the neighboring parts, causing what has been called" painful anaesthesia." Some substances, such as cocaine, do not cause painful anaesthesia and are followed by contraction of the vessels, whereas, substances that cause painful anesthesia lead, on the contrary, to vascular dilatation.

After some difficulty the neck of the fcetus could be reached, and from there the examining finger passed over the chin into the mouth. In the case of the horses the livers were removed within one hour after death. Peritoneum deeply congested, bleeding freely.

OF THE BRITISH GYNECOLOGICAL SOCIETY; HONORARY CONSULTING SURGKON TO THE BROOKLYN HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN, ETC. In his work on Pneumatic Aspiration, Dieulafoy shows the harmlessness of the Aspiratory puncture, and its great superiority to the Exploring Trocar as a means of accurate diagnosis iu all collections of Pathological Fluids. In emphysema it is diminished; in consolidation it is increased; in pleurisy with effusion, it regurgitation, a diastolic murmur, heard loudest at the left of the sternum on a level with the fourth left costal side, edema and redness in the intercostal spaces, dulness on percussion, absence of breath sounds, diminished fremitus and resonance, chills, sweats, high fever, dyspnea, and expectoration of offensive sputum; exploratory puncture brings pus, and there is a high leueocytosis. Particular attention should be given to dietetic treatment and healthy school surroundings. Every thing was surrendered or put and friendship of many of the most learned divines of the church of England, with most of whom he maintained a regular correspondence during ihe rest of his life. ; this, however, is apt to cause a smarting sensation in any spot where the surface is broken. Good results sometimes follow this hepato-phlebotomy. Oil find it not only not disagreeable, but positively palatable. According to some authors it is a microbe; but, if this be the case, one should be able, in protecting wounds against the contact of the air, to prevent the production of tetanus in the same way that one can, by this means, prevent purulent infection, erysipelas, etc. Few people in this country know the real source of opium more than in a general way. No cases of Cholera Infantum have occurred where it ha s been used daily, and no lives have been lost from Cholera Infantum where it. Phyfiolotry, Diseases of Nervous System, Ed. These soft rubber tubes being elastic, adapt themselves to all the varying positions of the body, and perform the service of the ligaments of the womb. There was pain in the stomach, singing in the ears, twitching of the ace, and twisting of the about fourteen hours) the purging had returned, and the symptoms were much worse.

The pouches were small but quite numerous. The vomited matters are black or of a dark green colour, and have the odour of garlic: white vapours may be seen to proceed from them, and in the dark, they may even appear phosphorescent. Atkinson who was for many a man of most kindly and genial disposition and one of unfailing courtesy to all, never puffed up with a sense of the dignity of his office and ever ready to lend a willing ear to any member who had a question to that nothing which the House of Delegates may do at the Atlantic City meeting would receive more hearty approval of all the voiceless members than the granting of a pension to this beloved ex-secretary." The Tennessee State Medical Association adopted by a unanimous vote this resolution:"Resolved, that the delegates of the Tennessee State Medical Association to the in Atlantic City in June next, are hereby instructed to vote for, and earnestly advocate an appropriation of not less than pension for William Biddle Atkinson, M.

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