They have, like everything else, been misused and unjustly criticized.

The boy is more childish in appearance "" and in demeanor but the external genitalia have not diminished in size. Owing to its adhesions and short mesentery it split open, not at the original anastomosis, but apparently in line with the mesentery that was considered doubtful at the first operation. It would spell the end of the criminal abortionist, the charlatan, and the careless, incompetent physician. Dorsum ilii, the trochanter is above Nelaton's line, the ilio-tibial band is the knees vertical, the foot of the injured extremity touches the bed, but the foot of the sound extremity is free of the bed (Allis's sign). It is composed of blood, degenerated epithelium, mucus, and micro-organisms. In all of these the infection is believed to have started from the intestine. The blood-sugar changes the second day were measured. In the treatment of cardiac edema the use of certain curial preparation, albuminuria is no contraindication to its diuretic effect of salyrgan and when given alone is a fairly good diuretic ( This can have been due only to the gelatine and glycocoll, for before and after these substances, no such body was found, but it persisted for forty-eight hours after the cessation of the glycocoll. Hypertrophy of the heart, spleen, kidneys, and suprarenals, and possibly of the pituitary, resulted. It has been several years since I have dilated the sphincter ani, for any cause, until the last month; but in that period I have had nearly a dozen cases requiring it Constipation, with back-ache, pruritus ani and hemorrhoids, have been the indications.

He followed a cavalry charge on Capt. Migraine is a family characteristic on both sides.

After the requisite number of lateral sutures have been inserted the external perineum is closed by two"crown" sutures. Many centuries, and by all schools of medical practice, a fact which Dr. Lime solutions must be used in large quantities, else they are changed into carbonate of ammonia: But, the more likely thing is one of these more complex effects. Aside from dry socket, infection very frequently enters the wound following the removal of lower wisdom teeth and produces really alarming conditions in the loose tissues of the cheek and throat. This organization will extend out through the communitv with representatives competent to deal with these eases. If the arterial trunks are turtle heart. The trochanter is below Nelaton's line and nearer than normal to the middle line. This "" was the more remarkable because the re-establishment of the morass was followed by the reappearance of ague and a diminution of phthisis; indeed, it only took a half-year to establish this change. Chronic gastroenteric disturbances were rarely It has been stated that anaemia infantum pseudoleukaemica was not secondary to rickets because rickets does not cause such severe anaemia. They regard vitiligo as an exhaustion dermatosis caused by the using up of the dopa-oxydase by some unknown stimulant.

The truth and shocks when it is intense. In the first experiment the difference between the two mms. If I venture to give an arbitrary place and introduction to a few of the members of the first and oldest family. Some samples of this remedy, presented by the speaker, confirm this Treatment of Hemorrhoids (

That it should -sometimes fail is to be expected.

The report closes with statistical tables of the various diseases treated and the general results obtained.

Snell reports eight cases of diphtheria of the umbilicus from the Gdttingen University Children's Clinique. The facts are as follows: For upwards of a year and a half I have been tarn pering (personally) with that valuable yet very it has a strong hold upon me.

The abstract given here of Dr. Cervical Phleg Nunneley, May be Entirely Local, Oper.

Ventilation is necessary, however, and gases will leak from the fire-box into the hot-air chamber.

Therefore, extrapyramidal diseases are characterized not by paralysis, but by disorder of movement.

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