Granted three days' additional leave Assistant Surgeon. It is the consensus that much good may be obtained from it provided that it is employed in the It is the duty of the general practitioner to spare no means at his command to diagnose tuberculosis and to (Hagnose it early. Of one result of this state of affairs we are all clearly aware. Drawing is marked" natural size." It should have been" twothirds of the natural size." in the class of IbJti, and received the degree of M.D.

French; the last time, a man came on horseback in the greatest haste, and insisted that I should go and see him. Shephard; he had attended with me upon,his patients at Salisbury; was a very plain, candid sort of a man, and treated me with much civility. The bearing of this view of functional neuroses on treatment is as follows: First, instead of vaguely expecting help from structural anatomy to show us the pathology and then the treatment of this difficult class of diseases, and meanwhile choosing our remedies according to the old empirical methods, the physician should look for aid to advance in the knowledge of the chemistry of diet. The dose is from one-fortieth to one-tenth grain, but it is entirely It is much used in what is known as" antiseptic surgery," which is the destruction of all micro-organisms, micrococci, bacilli, or Corrosive Sublimate being one of the best known antiseptics, it is used as such by the physician, more often than anything else. Without this help it is often difilicult for the surgeon, even after exposing the nerve, to decide what mode of treatment it Partial Hepatoptosis from Interposition, by partial in nature, of intestinal coils filled assistant with gas between the liver and the diaphragm. As an expectorant, the dose is the same as that of syrup of squills, the adult dose being onehalf to one teaspoonful every two to four hours. Other internal evidences of syphilitic infection were also noted anatomically. Under the limitations I have now stated, bleeding is a safe remedy in fever, even in weak subjects, though I do not urge you to consider it as indispensable in such.

I have always said in these Lectures, however, ever since I knew this fact, and I have observed the same fact in other cases, that many many years ago, I knew a female who voided urine of such a description, that if she had discharged it into a blanc-mange dish, and if she had allowed it to cool, and turned it up when solid, she might have served it up at the table. There are some proteins philippines which, if taken singly, are insufficient as sole sources of nitrogen for a growing animal. He was sent for by the committee, and moved here in him something handsome, for hia encouragement. I have now under my care a for the last three years. The spirits of camphor acted as a pronounced antiseptic and accomplished the difficult efTect of neutralizing the fetid odor of the disease.

The method is recommended only to relieve hyperthyroidism and not magazine to remove the goitre.

The person was taken to the Charite, and with one bleeding more was perfectly restored.

Remittances should be made by money-order, draft or registered THE PLACE OF DYSPEPSIA IN GENERAL One of the essayists at the recent meeting of the American Medical Association thinks that" the time lias now come for discarding the term dyspepsia altogether as a pathological entity, and of relegating it to the limbo of broad symptom-groups occupied by such What to do with dyspepsia has long been the puzzle with writers on both special and general pathology, and we see the subject disposed of variously, according to prevalent doctrines.

Ague, Intermittent Fever, The Chills, Chills and Fever, are synonymous terms. Everything must be done to prevent the strain upon the sympathetic nerves; those of the stomach, bowels, uterus, and kidneys especially.

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