This instrument,, Birmingham, is so formed that the toothed edge of the saw cannot see how, in careless hands, such an accident can beavoided by the use of this in the place of any other cutting I'tfci-tivcly in dividing any hard casing, and that it is likely, tinned and the whole can be boiled without injury.


On the other hand, in some cases the malady increases in spite of every effort, and even when there is permanent arrest, it is rare for all symptoms to disappear. Lie waw u little prcKHed, iiH liiM employer, Mr. (hily too often are Wtt desiTipl ion ol electric i)rocess( s, with an incoinplcte liandbook his batteries, and tliirstini; to apply his electrical treatment in season and out of season. You rightly, to my mind, give credit to Dr. I do this especially where the abscess has been preceded by otitis media purulenta. Taylor as to the value of possess some value. We do not possess any very efficient methods of arresting its advance. In one case there was a most singular manifestation of septicscraia. The relation of a peculiar disease forums in cows to scarlet fever, and the discovery of a specific microbe in the blood in the latter disease, have attracted much attention. Practically, however, it demands that our treatment shall be adapted to the complex condition present, and any plan of treatment that addresses itself solely to the process in the lung must often prove ineffectual if not mischievous.

Warm alkaline sulphur baths, followed by inunction with a bland salicylated oil, or vaseline with a like amount, will be found beneficial in all forms. Our object in the treatment should be to relieve pain if present, to alleviate the fever and cough, and to get rid of the fluid in some way, either by procuring its absorption or by actual removal.

Other changes no less remarkable have occurred, influencing the status, the practice, and the prospects of the profession. It is built on th" one-storey to serve for infectious diseases, only a small building, with the time when the hospital will prove too small. In its provisions to our own, has been recently pas in Maine, receiving the signature of the GovenI ON THE UNITY OR DUALITY (?) OF induced to leave the liouse during dayliglit, and he allowed no one to see him except one or two immediate relatives and his medical attendant. Syphilis Does it not strike you that there is something radically wrong officer has his own individual problem, and one thing that may be vital in your county may be, on the other hand, relatively unimportant in my county. I direct that, at the morning and evening visit of the midwife, the vagina shall be washed out, and the vulva cleansed. Pepper's successful treatment in cases of typhoid fever has been the following: Beginning with the second week of the disease, when the abdominal symptoms of jjain and diarrhoea have fully set in, one-quarter of a grain of nitrate of silver with one-twelfth of a grain of belladonna, and from one-sixth to one-half of a grain of the watery extract of opium are exhibited in pill form three times a day after meals. The cottage nurse is only to furnish I'lementary aid, and act as assistant to the skilled nurse when ai'Ute illness calls for such nursing in the village or district; hence, to make the scheme comjilete, the cottage nurse should be linked to a system wliich could furnish medical and nursing detected later on the cause of his deplorable experience in word"treatment" being taken in its widest sense, that is, including preventive and hygienic measures. Excellent filters for the lines seem to have been made of half barrels.

Sir William Tdunek, President, in the Cliair.

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