The opening from the outer to the inner sac was about a third of an inch in diameter. With grateful hearts through tender eyes Salute we gewichtsreduktion now their vast repose. The gigantoblasts are numerous in this disease. He therefore has good logical grounds for treating tuberculous peritonitis with tuberculin prepared from human bacilli.

Doubtless the esophagus rarely shares in post-diphtheritic paralysis also.

It appeared to him that this was introducing into the Society a commercial element, which might be a serious responsibility. Another discriminating sign is the effect of compression by the hand in causing the those instances in which the tumor is absent we may demonstrate its existence by the use of the esophageal sound.

Any difiSculty in diagnosing the affection nor any likelihood of confounding the affection with simple tonsillitis. At the autopsy the mesenteric glands were found to be enlarged and Peyer's patches swollen, and some were beginning to ulcerate.

If we can bear in mind that in so-called"summer diarrhoea" vve have a disease due to virulent organisms, much will be accomplished.

Uremia may come on at any time during the course of the disease, and may be the first symptomatic manifestation; it may either be sudden and severe in its onset (acute uremia) or mild, insidious, and gradual (chronic ture may be normal; in chronic uremia, with prostration, coma, delirium, and feeble pulse, it may be even subnormal. It was also important to maintain a proper state of nutrition. In other cases, the tip of the appendix has been felt high up on the right side of the rectum. Stomach tube, twenty-eight inches long, which is coupled my means of a ground steel joint to three feet of rubber tul)ing, terminating in the ordinary funnel. Should no abnormality be found in the membranes, the color of the brain should be carefully noted. On the other hand, it would be injudicious to attempt this operation where severe adhesions bind the liver to the other organs in the neighborhood, particularly the intestines, as well as where a closure of the common duct exists which can not be relieved by choledocholithothripsy or choledocho-lithectomy.

There is gradual and progressive asthenia without apparent cause, great lassitude and loss of physical and mental energy, breathlessness, headache, dizziness, tinnitus aurium, sighing, and throcytes and hemoglobin, rarely becoming marked. Last year I cured a case of supposed insanity by extirpating a large turbinated process. This gives complete rest to the stomach, and may if necessary be kept up even for several weeks, provided some nutrition be maintained per rectum. Not infrequently, in these cases, an enlargement of the gallbladder, owing to its containing one or numerous gallstones and bile mixed with inflammatory exudate, is present. The latter sounds may exhibit a metallic signs). Korosi, of Budapest ("New Observations on the Preserva work in physiology is so well known that it need not be more than referred to. JoBERT DE Lamballe, according to the latest dates, was still in an insane asylum, but his condition had The Indigestions, or Diseases of the Digestive Organs Functionally treated. Ml, must be precise, cneigetie and prompt.

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