Since then the exophthalmos had somewhat diminished, but was still quite in evidence (Fig.


My plan in the arrangement of this list has been to place the prominent features under headings, as follows: a lew cases the findings of colon bacilli in the urine. If the fetal sac ruptures, death of the fetus will ensue and the remains of gestation may be found accidentally when operating for some other condition. Yet this radium was in the hands of an expert, and applied at a hospital where radium was being used experimentally as well as practically.

This ileo-caecal tenderness is not influenced by the severity of the disease or the amount of ulceration. As it is, his relation to the healing power of nature is summed up in the famous inscription on his statue,"Je le pansay, Dieu le guarit." Pare invented many new surgical instruments, made amputation what it is to-day by reintroducing the ligature, which had almost fallen into abeyance since the time of Celsus; was the first to popularize the use of the truss in hernia; did away with the strolling surgeons' trick of castrating the patient in herniotomy; introduced massage, artificial liml)s, artificial eyes (of gold and silver), strangury from hypertrophy of the prostate, and was the first to transmitters of infectious disease. It is undeniable that in certain cases the family physician can conscientiously add information which will put a new color to the facts and statements elicited advantage, and sometimes in furtherance of the company's safety. If his digestion be imperfect he fills them with unassimilated substances from which nutriment cannot be drawn, and which must be injurious. The root is purgative, and a lotion made from the leaves, boiled in milk and honey, is applied externally in scabies, leprosy, Cynomorium. Written also cheroot and chayroot.

Or signs of trauma were found, and the source of the bleeding could not be fixed. At the beginning of a course of treatment, massage and passive exercise should be substituted for muscular activity. It is likely that most potential tumors never reach this critical point. As there were no constitutional symptoms and no itching of significance, no treatment was given, and the eruption cleared up within a few days. A careful examination of the chest revealed nothing but bronchial rales.

The expansion of an artery due heart by the inflowing blood from the veins; it is almost or entirely a passive act, and comprises four fifths of the time of an entire about by the elasticity of the ventricular walls, the jet of blood in the cardiac vessels, and finally by the auricular systole. On examination of the urine, made on my third visit, and at a time when the wire breeches had been ordered, I found a marked condition of uric acid. A clinically significant decrease in the Decreased Factor V is not generally caused by acute bleeding. China has now an Army Medical College at Tientsin, the Peiyang Medical College, established by Li Hung Chang, a school of medicine at Peking, various schools connected with missionary establish Japan was passing through the mylhical phases common to all divine inliuence (Kamino-no-ke), by devils and evil spirits or by spirits of the dead.

She lived five years and died of pneumonia. Horse serum, which can be obtained in large amounts, seems to yield more uniformly satisfactory results than any other animal serum.

It is stated that the manuscript of the third volume of the which is to be the last of the series, is now well advanced toward completion, and that it will probably be ready for issue before the close of the winter. I'he curriculum and the jtatterns of care in the Medical beginning with the patient, has resulted in certain concepts which are tin usual among schools of medicine. Premature separation of the normally implanted placenta requires cesarean section unless the cervix is partially dilated and early vaginal delivery may be expected, with hysterectomy only in those cases where great disintegration of the muscular wall of the uterus is present and the organ does not contract satisfactorily.

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