The redeeming feature is that most of these bacteria are pretty good friends of ours. Quine, dean of the service during the past year. The scum, as it forms, is removed from the surface by skimmers. It is doubtful whether the disease ever manifests itself after such treatment, when followed immediately by the application of a powerful caustic, and especially if the wound be small. Both eyes are usually affected at the same time. The syrup is now boiled until it granulate to what is termed proof. In areas where the glandular structure is fairly well preserved, the chief cells may still be attached to the basement membrane, or if detached, lie looselj' in the lumen of the glands.


Lachrymal abscess, or purulent dacryo-cystitis may be idiopathic, or a result of mucocele. Reprints of contributed articles can be obtained at the cost of publication, from the Metropolitan Press, publishers of the Journal. Food is withdrawn, heavy doses of serum given, and enemas of We are by no means content when we have prevented or checked a dysenteric or pulmonary storm.

Steps have also been taken to create in the faraway districts institutes for hydrophobic patients on the model of the one working at present with fairly satisfactory results in Constantinople, and this has lately received additional equipment. Notes on the treatment of some of the. " Burgundy," says our author," is of all wines the most certain fuel to the gout," yet the men of Burgundy drink their own wines without let or hindrance (Vom podagra or chirngra.

In a given case, the possibility of infra-vaginal elongation may be settled easily by placing the patient in the kneebreast position, when the uterus of its own weight will fall toward the diaphragm and the reduplicated vaginal walls will unfold and utero-vaginal attachment will appear in the normal place instead of being, as it seemed to be, high up on the walls of the uterus. In exceptional cases orchitis may occur as an early symptom before any swelling is noticed in the parotid gland; but usually it comes on towards the end of the attack; or even after all signs of swelling have disappeared from the face. The possibility of the formation of lymphatic capillaries in granulation tissue for the present must be left undecided, as no conclusive experimental evidence on the subject has been produced. Eight days afterwards the cow showed symptoms of foot-and-mouth disease, and wuhin a few days all the other cattle on the premises were affected. A cancerous mass, removed from the rectum according to the Kraske operation. I amputated the right foot at the tarsometatarsal articulation and it did nicely, giving him a good, useful stump. A strong tea of it, taken warm, till it vomits freely, is sufficient to break up almost any fever in the commencement.

At first they are small, moveable under the finger, elastic, without pain or change of colour in the skin. But he makes no statement of the precautions, if any, which he took in the collection of the lymph; neither does he attempt to distinguish between those bacteria which are commonly to be found in lymph and those the presence of As the result of my own work it appears that three species of microorganisms; namely, Staphylococcus albus epidermidis, S. De medecine et de pharmacie de Rouen. About four years ago I conceived the idea of mounting Petri dish used for bacteriologic work. It was, moreover, not of bovine, but of equine origin, and, according to De Carro, had never been passed through the cow.

In ordinary cases it is not abundant, and may be macular at first or from the very beginning papular. , Many of the States now require a retest upon all cattle introduced from the eradication of tuberculosis that has been developed.

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