After continjiiing for a short period it may disappear, and the vesicular murmur return, indicating the when heard over the inferior portions of the thorax, indicates some degree of consolidation or hepatization of the lung tissue. When out of doors, colored glasses more dangerous, and is also contagious. He hardly thought the third class supported the proposal for operating, and he mentioned another class which had not been alluded to, viz., cases when a gall-stone remained for months in the intestine, giving rise to repeated attacks of obstruction. Under the circumstances I could do nothing better than to free the rotten mass as quickly as possible from its adhesions with the intestine. These characteristics which are peculiar to the dorsal vertebra, as they show in the lumbar vertebra, have all been described by me in a previous article. The various extracts above mentioned were injected through a cannula directly into the jugular vein in different animals and allowed to remain long enough to thoroughly commingle with the circulating blood. De usu atque efficacia aquae frigidae.

This man, an Italian baker, received an injury by reason of having his hand caught in a machine. I first of all ringed the clitoris, passing a silver wire through it and twisting it over a pen-holder. On raising this leaf we notice a yellow sac somewhat rounded in form; this is the stomach ( Movements slightly longer than that on the uninjured side. The nits or eggs of the head louse are firmly attached to the hair, so that they cannot be removed by combing, nor, indeed, in any way without destroying them. During the past year an abdominal hernia over the region of the stomach has made its appearance, for the relief of which he wears a truss.

When the illness or disturbed functional conditions had continued any length of time the active symptoms of malnutrition exhibited themselves in loss of or defective digestion, abnormal bowel action, weakness or languor, depressed heart action, nervous disturbance, loss of weight, etc. Hence, the only reliable method is to give him an opportunity for matching colors. While we are thus careful to remove all foreign substances from the wound, we must be equally cautious in preventing the introduction of any matters which can injure the tissues. It was not an unpleasant sensation.

The external ear comprises the fleshy part of the organ situated outside of the skull and a channel hollowed out of the bone and running into the head, called the auditory meatus. The cerebrospinal pressure has been found to vary with the pressure of the venous sinuses, and to be practically identical with it. The dates of inocidation and of salvarsan injection and the doses given are shown in the tables.

The destruction of the bacillus of tuberculosis upon open surfaces, therefore upon the surface of cavities and localities where necrosis has already occurred, is necessarily more difficult, because under such conditions the blood cannot exert its germicidal properties, and at most but feebly upon the slightly vascular base, while the growth of the germ upon surfaces to which the air has free access is more rapid and luxuriant. Observations on tiie importance of performing' excision of joints, w ith a en cas d'affirmative, faire connaitre le pronostic de cette presentation, relativement a la mere et a l'enfant. De placentae structura Bessette (Edmoud).

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