Enteroptosis is sometimes due to a separation of the recti muscles, and ingenious procedures have been devised for the repair of the abdominal wall. These injections were carried out by the men themselves under the direction of orderlies, the whole being supervised by a surgeon.

One of the latest and silliest announcements is that of a new method of curing nervous diseases by hypodermic injections of phosphate of soda. When the various causes now referred to combine to produce the disease, particularly in persons of a nervous and irritable temperament, and who have neglected, for a considerable time before, the state of the bowels, and secretions poured into them, it cannot be a matter of surprise, that its symptoms assume the severe form described by Sydenham.

Finally, if we find our patient in collapse, as in Case III., after diagnosis is made, it is wise to rally patient with hypodermic injections of morphia and stimulants published recently in the Medical Record, the author speaks of the case reported by Dr. The neutral sulphur was lowest, both relatively and absolutely, during the period of treatment, notwithstanding the increased elimination of total sulphur during this period. A firm lifting movement guarded by the other hand placed externally on the nasal bone will lift it up into its normal position. They should have no restrictions at all. Every good horse or dog owner believes that his animal possesses some peculiar virtues, and I am merely so far opinionated in regard to my own instrument. It appears, however, that there are still some legal difficulties in the way of carrying out the scheme; but it is confidently expected that they will be readily removed. At first, he was treated by cuppjng on the cheat, and afterwards by the supersulphate of magnesia, formed extemporaneously, is entirely' recovered. In general, as soon as the temperature is reduced, and the features become pale and shrunk, or the fontanelle (if unclosed) level, or at all depressed, whether the convulsions, or sopor, when present, disappear or not, the application of cold to the head, in any form, should be left oft", to be again resumed when the symptoms requiring it recur.

Hydrotherapy acts powerfully on the neurovascular system. The mere trade in patent medi cines, in frauds and fakes, the deceits of all kinds, need not concern us. He exposes the entire body surface of these children to the sunlight for several hours each day. A hypodermic might be given every day if possible for days or months.

Since the wound has healed depressed around the seat of penetration. In districts subject to quarter-ill or black leg they are put through the dewlap, under the impression that a formation of matter (in a place so harmless) will divert or prevent Setoning against black leg is more scientific than it looks, as it excites the antibodies or natural guards in the blood whose duty it is to call up the phagocytes to repel invaders in the form of disease germs. And out of what one sees and hears and out Of what one feels, who could have thought to make So many selves, so many sensuous worlds, As if the air, the mid-day air, was swarming With the metaphysical changes that occur, Merely in living as and where we live. That taken alone, they are in no case sufficient for diagnosis. While the former occasion agues and remittents, the latter gives rise to diseases of the digestive canal, and to the generation of worms; and both causes combine to produce condiments employed by the natives; and these are also the chief prophylactics and remedies for their constitutions, against the diseases now alluded to. Fourt Edition, thoroughly revised and enlarged, in tw Clinical Lectures on Various Importan of Practice of Medicine, Chicago Medical Cfl successfully by means of a mixture of theprotoxid of manganese, or of the permanganate of potJis and oxalic acid.

England furnish various places which are salutary to invalids during the summer. A morbid idealism has proclaimed the dogma that no war is just, that bloodshed is never right, and seris that all exercise of force is wrong.

Serum agglutinates cells of no other group.

Carter, Francis B., Alabama, Some of the Physical Peculiarities aud Diseases of Southern Champlin, Stephen, Conn., Principles of Diet. De Renzi protests against Huchard's advocacy of repose as beneficial to patients who have heart lesions.

The reversion of conditions is due to the phenomenon called by hydrotherapists reaction. Williams has been the determination in a tentative way of the organisms present in the secretions of persons suffering from common colds.

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