Address all material for publication to W. The United States ranks nineteenth in infant mortality, behind Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and virtually all other industrialized nations, and our low birthweight rate has not shown Black newborns in cities, including this one, die at rates rivaling It is unlikely that we will soon see any improvement because hundreds of thousands of babies are now born drug-exposed every year. Duty therein." Under these combined headings thirty-five were admitted, of whopi twenty-two subsequently passed the" tryall," only, and nineteen were admitted masters of both crafts at the With regard to the barbers' claim that their predecessors equally shared the privileges of the craft with the surgeons, careful investigation certainly leads to that impression. Income from the estate of Monique Weill-Caulier provides financial aid to students on the basis of financial need, outstanding scholarship and dedication to medical science. After removing both appendages, the abdomen was irrigated with some eight quarts of hot boiled water and closed with silkworm gut sutures.

The income is used for financial aid for deserving medical students. In that this anatomy has been described previously in some detail, suffice it merely to mention the structures which must be understood, such as the arrangement of the sheaths of the rectus muscle and the formation transversa?, the round ligament, the falciform ligament containing the obliterated umbilical vein and parumbilical veins which may persist as vessels of some magnitude, the openings observed in the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle for the passage of vessels and nerves; occasional slits between the fibres of these aponeuroses, as shown in Figs. The patient is frequently troubled with nausea and vomiting, the material thrown off the stomach being a slimy fluid more or less mixed with acrid bile. The physicians of this country, especially those practicing in our large cities, have for such a length of time accustomed themselves to rely upon the skilled assistance of the accomplished pharmacist, that they can hardly realize in their imagination, the methods of practice a century ago, when doctors spread their own plasters and made their own pills; or collected their simples in the fields and made their own tinctures and fluid extracts. The patient recovered very well in spite of the days, and as soon as it was removed she passed her water naturally. The chief systemic contraindications to the use of corticosteroid therapy, according to Hogan, Woods and Now the local contraindications to steroid therapy are: Acute Herpes Symplex Keratitis, Epidemic Kerato-conjunctivitis and in the presence of bacterial infections, however, steroid therapy may be used safely in the presence of infections when Hogan states that cortisone administered orally produces similar effects to that given intramuscularly (

At ilrst the sensation is decidedly unpleasant, but the patient very soon gets accustomed to it and the strength may be gradually increased. The perspiration possesses a peculiar odour, which has been variously de scribed by Heim and others. A hemorrhage occurring in the second period, likely to be the result of chronic ulcer, one of those slowly extending ulcerations which penetrates deeply into the walls of the stomach and threatens the large vessels lying near the serous surface, and which in extreme cases may lead to become adherent. There is no history of venereal disease. The closely woven nylon applied directly to the granulating tissue facilitates removal with a minimum disturbance of fibroblasts, and almost painlessly. In the first case dulness is found, owing to the presence of a layer of fluid between the finger and the intestines. As we well know, such irritation occurs quite as frequently from debility as from exaltation, from an enfeebled as from an excited circulation. Certain of these require merely an enumeration at this place, although they are most important as respects the amount of lesion which attends them; but these lesions, when thus produced, are more fully considered under those heads to which they more legitimately belong, namely, as consecutive alterations or diseases of the structures or organs in which they are seated. The cartilage from the interior of the joint into the tissues external to it, over the inner aspect of the head of the tibia; a simple bandage was applied round the joint, to keep the loose body in cartilage remains where it was placed. First one group of muscles contract, and then another, so that parts are kept in constant movement. Stopford Taylor, the Rudlinger and Stoiber,"Spuren von Guido Mieschers"; H. Executive Faculty Council members are academic administrative officers or chairmen of those departments with major teaching commitments to medical students. Each disease epithelioma the author goes rather out of his way to discuss the question of the origin of cancer. From those proceedings, we learn how distinct and complete is the antagonism between law and medicine, as to the principles of mental science and its applications to mental diseases and defects.

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