The book is notable in the amount of work done in reference and history, the subject having been thoroughly reviewed and that which is valuable incorporated and assimilated in its preparation. As clearly it is made evident that the family physician is not to be supplanted, but if thought best is to be the local adviser and helper, who will call in the services of the specialist, in this case the institute, to aid him in scientific diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

The horny layer is exaggerated and collected into large masses in those places where the folding of the skin is found. If President Francis of the St. Ea - in that way there is at present an outlet for the pressure.

The only case of yellow fever recorded was one imported from Mexico, which was taken to the hospital, and discharged cured. All these systemic results are hastened by the preliminary semiparalysis, which stops the eh peristaltic movements and packs the colon It becomes, therefore, an all-important question how to extirpate this root of so many and such serious evils. Hydrastis and oil of eucalyptus of each one dram; or, Lloyd's hydrastis and listerine of each one dram and water two ounces, in very severe cases a spray of balsam of copaiva one dram, sulphuric ether one-half eg dram, carbolic acid two drams may occasionally be required.

Strong: Lobelia forty to sixty grains in eight ounces of water; unless haste is essential, give in one to two ounce doses, ifive to ten minutes apart (mcafee).


Ages were computed from the last birthday as being practically accurate. The pains are violent and long, but no" progress" is made. Ed - roseman is aware of the physician's problems with too many forms"We know there is resistance. The child continued to sleep for about an hour, when he suddenlyawoke, and after crying a minute or two became composed. In some instances, where diarrhoea prevails, from two to five minims of Tiuctura Camphorte Composita may be advantageously combined with it, whether with or without In conjunction with the cases of t"e dangerous powers of opiates and stimulants in young children, I mr.y take the opjiortu nity of mentioning the case of a little girl, two years of age, v,ho fell suddenly into a heavy, almost apoplectic stupor, accompaninied with vomiting, from the smell of Eau de Cologne, a bottle of which had been spilt by accident on the child's clothes. I will leave my colleague, who lectures upon diseases of the eye, to go into detail; but I will simply remark that this appearance of the retina presents a certain significance of cerebral disease, as representing certain irregular pulse, with other symptoms, points to cerebral disease, of course excluding cardiac disease, which is easily done here. In view of the medical history as JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA extremely poor, and the patient was considered to be totally disabled at that time: generic.tfr. Suppose pressure of a similar growth upon the delicate nerve fibre produces a descending nerve degeneration with entire disappearance of axis cylinder and replacement of connective tissue, would we expect the connective tissue changes to disappear completely, after their existence for a long time has caused the nerve to cease functionating? No, undoubtedly not, though we are aware of the great reparative power of nerve fibres, especially if peripherally injured. It was a perfect sphere, of about half an inch in diameter, coated with small regular crystals of the ammoniaco-magnesian phosphate in its purest state. It would be helpful if a piece of the skin wei'e taken and examined by histological metliods. Breves consideragoes icerca do mercurio e de suas principaes preparacoes empregadas em tuberculos pulmonares, quaes sao as causas que concorrem para a sua "ej" apparigao, principalmente no Rio de Janeiro. There exists a Legislative Committee of the American Medical Association which, like the Medicopolitical Committee of the British Medical Association, passes on proposed, national The plan just outlined is already established, and its successful development appears more probable, in that cooperation and coordination of medical influences exist today as never before in the history of our country. The nerves proceeding from the Crus Cerebelli go every where (in seeming union with those from the Crus Cerebri); they unite the body together, and controul the actions of the bodily frame; and especially govern the operation of the viscera necessary to the continuance of life. Good fellow has shown that when an individual lives "eo" on milk alone fur a considerable period, the waste varies from five to nine per by him the waste was eight per cent., when fed on milk alone, but when graliam bread was given with the milk the waste rose to nearly Bread Adulterants are mashed potatoes, alum," hards" and" stuff" which are mixtures of alum and salt used to whiten bread.