They have shown, moreover, how difficult it is to establish a differential diagnosis between these two species when the muscles of the face do not participate in the atrophy. Has been careless of her home, of her dress, and person; has lost interest in everything; is extremely depressed, and often weeps. Aside from the antiquated use of laudanum and hot oil, so strenuously objected to by the otologists, there have been more recent combinations of cocaine, adrenalin, carbolic acid, alcohol, glycerin, etc., designed not only to relieve pain but to reduce engorgement and act antiseptically by absorption or osmosis.

Dressing of wound, while not causing much pain, produces bad feeling in stomach; faintness; at first flushing of the face, then pallor; no twitching or loss of consciousness. Here accuracy of measurement and care in the preparation of meals were prime considerations, as the food was administered to patients who were the subjects of dietetic inve.stigation.

The technics are not difficult but must be constantly standardized and accurately applied if the determinations are to be reliable. Plummer's views, but he had injected a difficulty into clinical work, that was in the question of slow introduction of thyroxin into the circulation.

Experimental nerve degeneration and regeneration. Bread made in the old way is light, porous, palatable, and healthful. Charles Finlay as Chief Health Officer for the island of Cuba.

A group of seven women whose hands were stained from handling shell smeared with TNT were carefully examined. Differing as these Bills do in tlieir aims and scope, they in no way conflict with one another, and, subject to some amendment in committee, we wish QUEEN VICTORIA NURSES' INSTITUTE: SCOTTISH BRANCH.

Soine women can and should attend church and places of public amusement and recreation, while it is best for others to keep in comparative retirement or in the companionship of considerate friends. The latest operations upon the carcinomatous breast are fully described. This can occasionally be corrected by the administration of intravenous repeating the dose of aminophylline alone In some patients undergoing long-term therapy with one of the benzothiadiazines, edema may reaccumulate; and under these circumstances, the periodic administration of a mercurial diuretic by the parenteral route may prove to be effective. The title of the work is ratht?r pretentious, but the preface admits that, in the place of a full and mature volume which the author had hoped to prepare, he was compelled to issue this somewhat sketchy effort.

"There are, perhaps, two important facts which have been instrumental in placing the business in the hands of school boys: (i) The State compels all children under fourteen to attend some accredited school for a definite number of weeks each year, enforcing this through largelj' been looked after by various child-saving societies, this class of children has been removed from the streets. Funds may also be raised by House of Delegates. WlUon: The Local Application otf requested to communicate with the Honorary Secretary before May Jilth. Investigations in the second six months will be in roughly the western half of the state. I am now able, through the kindness of Dr. The height of the large laboratories admits of a mezzanine between the ground and first floor, and again between the first floor and attic. As to complications, much can be done to prevent the severer ones by prompt and rational treatment in the early stages of the intestinal disease. The Executive Committee has discussed examples of what might be considered as confidential material which should not be disclosed to any competitor, whether an insurance company or The Medical Society of Milwaukee County. The former has three rather Both antihyaluronidase activity and meta chromasia depend on the presence of anionic vitreous, as well as the changes noted in the abdominal musculature and interstitial connective tissue in our experiment, suggests that sulfated hyaluronic acid may act like a Duran-Reynals converts the gel state of hyaluronic acid to that of a sol, thus breaking down a natural barrier in the ground liquefied by the action of sulfated hyaluronic acid. This trend was prognosticated by your actuaries one year ago, and you can be very grateful that The legislative program this year is a colossal one. The result is a programme of summer work which will bear comparison with that of any of the other leading schools of the world. The efforts on both sides the Hindenburg line are impartially surveyed, and the amazing thing is that so complete a picture of the efforts of the Teutonic allies has been possible during the progress of hostilities and the interruption of communication. Marj-'s Hospital in and exhausting before, almost entirely ceased. The other (posterior) extremity of the lesion, the solid growth, could be traced, on the median surface of the hemisphere, well into the surface of the precuneus. He intended to spend the day at one of our summer resorts, when he was suddenly awakened with terrible pain in the legs, as he lay dozing upon a sofa.

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