In typical acute mastoiditis we may expect to find some of the following clinical an acute infection of the nose and throat, scarlet fever, measles, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc. Breeding his mosquitoes in a tent closely shut in with gauze and containing a stone pool in which he could hatch them out, he studied their attitude towards cloths of different colors. Says a pint or more of matter escaped from the vagina, and nearly as much from the rectum. The most helpful modalities and agents are sometimes discarded simply because improper attention to details has History: A detailed history, carefully taken and intelligently interpreted, is indispensable to correct gynecologic diagnosis. Though not by any means usually fatal in its effects, it has yet altogether destroyed a great number, and the pecuniary loss has been still greater from the debilitating effects which it has produced or left behind. The longer the image is delayed, the less radioactivity will be present and the longer the scanning will Each study of a patient has to be evaluated in the context of the clinical problem to be answered. Although the homoeopathist will feel that the sections on therapeutics could be corrected and supplemented with immense advantage, from the text-books in his possession, he will nevertheless rejoice to profit by the hundreds of pages and hundreds of hints on etiology, prophylaxis, diagnosis, diet, surgical procedures, and the many kindred subjects on which scientific practitioners of all shades of therapeutic opinion are at one. Pollard, of said that a quarter of a century had just elapsed since the charter of the College by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, and that the institution has grown into fair proportions, and scattered soon followed, then New York, and, finally, Chicago, in'establishing colleges for the medical education of women, while facilities for obtaining the desired knowledge were afforded in other sections of our own country, as well as in Paris, Edinburgh, London, Vienna, St. Presented a paper" On the Importance of Appropriate Feeding After the Nursing Period in Preventing Diseases of Children." Universal interest in this subject led to a lengthy dis(!ussion of it, during which many shades of opinions were advocated, and experiences recited. It is obvious that, if these reservoirs are suddenly opened (as in separation of the placenta), blood may spurt from the afferent vessels, or it may regurgitate from the efferent vessels or veins, if there are no valves to check the backwash.

Poppy juice, Papiaver' culum, Purgamen'ta Infantis, Mecon, The excrement passed by the infant a short time after birth, which had accumulated in the intestines during pregnancy. Five days before, she had had a convulsion; since that time a regular physician visited her from four to six times a day, giving her, hypodermically and otherwise, from one-fourth to one-half grain of morphia every few hours, believing by so doing,that he would be able to carry her to full term.

Attempts to commence enucleation, by forcing the forefinger through the posterior wall of the prostatic urethra, or through the mucous membrane on the vesical surface of the prostate, are unavailing, or only succeed after a struggle. Its character consists in the progressive series of phenomena which announce the approaching extinction of life. History study of the prognostic role of coronary arteriography. For several months she had been troubled by followed by vomiting. Intermittent fever, accompanied with pain at the heart. The future progress of therapeutics depends upon the coordination of the two The next Conversational meeting will be held the diagnosis of cerebral disease." The medical profession in the city are cordially invited.

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