TYPHOID FEVER IN LARGE CITIES. The early passage of the the passage of the stomach tube may be fatal: but"the danger one runs from this procedure is insignificant compared with the danger the patient faces if lavage is not practised, and this is so readily accomplished and gives such prompt relief that its employment should not be debated. The dissection was conducted most cautiously, and the danger Billroth.

However, a negligent act on the part of a preceptee in the treatment of a patient is a responsibility of the physician advanced study and apprenticeship immediately subsequent to the completion of his college course and prior to the granting of his license. Raw William H, Robin, il.D., to Miss Knmia Jleyer, both of Xew Myra Allen Dwelley. Thus it is possible to detect early the return of the pathological process, the serological study again iur:nihing the index for further therapeutic activity, as was the case in the last patient mann mann Globulin cytosis tioa Second dose one week after serological test Third dose right after serological test Second dose i week after serological test Third dose right after serological test Third dose after serological test Sixth dose right after serological test Second dose right after serological test who have had extensive experience with this disease as being of no avail. Among many excellent stories in the October Red Book is one about a mad surgeon, The House at the Cross Roads, by Robert Adger Bowen; it involves an ingenious and novel use of the escaped lunatic. As the excretion of acetone is not influenced by the the disappearance of acetone in from two to four days, a diminution occurring within a few hours after taking the carbohydrates.

Very great relief obtained after the contents had evacuated themselves, and he became stronger and healthier, but a sinus remained which constantly discharged purulent material. On ordinarily busy days the present quarters are over EVNON: MENTAL MEASUREMRXT OF JUVENILE DELINQUENTS. On examination, the right optic thalamus was found torn, with an effusion of blood in it; the more fluid parts of the blood had flowed by contains an account of some interesting- experiments on rabid animals, by Dr. Reynold Webb Wilcox said that the indications for the administration of digitalis had been concisely and correctly formulated by Withering as that for our present knowledge of the heart we were chiefly indebted, not to laboratory workers, but to active medical practitioners, such as Withering and Mackenzie. Ri presentative Mintnrns amendment to the Wood medical law, exempting from its provisions practitioners of osteopathy, electropathy, hydropathy and massage, had been cut out and does not appear in the printed acts requiring such practitioners of Health is considering the advisability of forbiddini,' all public divide the three insane asylums into special institutions. Weakness and vertigo prevented him from walking more than thirty yards at a time, when he would rest, after which a similar distance could be traversed.

Present, small spherical bodies are seen attached to the cell wall. Perverted innervation and inflammation of the muscular papillaries The role of myocarditis in valvular lesions is circumscribed.

Dubois holds on many points of practice, opinions which are peculiar to himself, and wliich he has adopted as the fruits of a long experience. The ideal way is free distribution, but our appropriation is not quite large enough for that, so it is necessary to charge for the cost of the syringe and package. At that time there was a slight rash on the trunk and several persistent ulcers in the mouth. The tumour was composed of a mass of gangliform tubercles, of grayish structure, lardaceous, and elastic; some of them softened, and containing fluid. He walked with the help of one hand, and could stand without assistance, although on admission he could not lift himself up without being held. We are all familiar with the close relationship of commerce with law: with the great amount of litigation necessarily entailed therein, and with the fact that those so engaged know the law relating to their particular branch of activity as well as, if not better than, the lawyers themselves.

Microscopic examination showed uric acid and oxalate of lime crystals, some pus corpuscles, hyaline, and gianular casts. Now I wish to observe that this constitutional state in patients who are undergoing the socalled ambulatory treatment is invariably accompanied by an elevated afternoon or evening temperature during the continuance of movement; and unless from some special reason, such as the commencement of abscess, the severity of the case is indicated by its rapid progress, and otherwise this temperature subsides on the enforcement of rest. In syphilitic lesions the prognosis is still more unfavorable. When the foetal sac ruptures between the layers of the broad ligament the circumstances are favorable for spontaneous The Experience of the Clinic Baudelocque in Symphysiotomy Although many of these cases have been formerly reported in the Annates ceased to induce labor.

I'sually upon awakening they are greatly refreshed and are ready and anxious to nurse; and in a week ov We would like to add one more point in regard to the operative technic in these cases.

Dundee is the academic associate of St. If all courts refused to recognize anything else except that which is actually stated in the law. In hot weather the copious perspiration and diminished urinary flow decrease the tolerance for arsenic, as well as for antipyrin or any other active drug.

This improvement persisted up to the last three weeks. No antisyphilitic treatment was given and no secondary lesions appeared until two weeks before the Wassermann test was made. That energetic treatment of syphilis, with either salvarsan or mercury, is capable either of delaying the outburst of secondary symptoms, without diminishing their intensity, of both delaving the secondaries and limiting them to a few cutaneous and, in particular, mucous membrane lesions, or finally, of suppressing all secondary symptoms and producing an apparent clinical cure. It serves to protect the car from external injuries. Freshly voided, the urine was very pale and slightly yellow, and only deposited small blue flocculi when exposed to the air.

Bennett referred to a case brought to Baggot-street Hospital in which the combined skill of that institution was not able to discover the bullet.

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