Under these circumstances, the advice of the Medical Department of the Local Government Board was sought, and Dr. In that paper I warned against too great heat in the manufacture of malt extracts, as heat impairs, and is even liable to totally destroy, the diastatic action.

The elimination of products of waste should then be encouraged by the administration of salicylate of sodium, On the day the paroxysm is expected a on rising and repeated in the evening if necessary. By those who have commenced the study and practice of surgery witLiin the past fifteen or twenty years such statements will in truth probably be heard with amazement if not incredulity. Crile's experiments with methylene blue injected in this manner showed a very rapid dissemination to the upper regions of the cord, regardless of whether the patient was sitting or recumbent.

It is also the case with infants. The thyroid gland itself is insensitive. This is the most important link in the chain of evacuation. He was Medical Director of Pyramid Life Insurance Company and also had an association with positions he was professor of obstetrics and gynecology and director of the program for maternal-fetal medicine at Washington University Dr. Times, Evolving Issues: New Ideasa on Obstetrics and Gynecology. I count out fifteen pellets of defervescent compound Ergot should never be used in labor till the OS and perineum are fully dilated and there is no obstacle to quick delivery.

These expulsive effects may slightlv increase the inversion as far as the I paralysis surrounding the circle of inversion permits, thus displacing the circle itself and paralysing another part of the uterine wall. In three hours grippal pains set in, facial signs of physical collapse, and mental de lirium followed. Toward the close of the experiment, the intermissions became less frequent, and in a few minutes after ceased altogether. The second was a case of very severe headache in a lady suflfering from the nervous disturbance of a change of life (Menoi)ause) giving prompt and speedy relief.

; There is an old saying,"that money makes the mare go." Now, if we do not have I money, we cannot make our journal go. In some instancrs there were large cells at the base of the vegeUition, but in no case was the structure like that of tubercle.

The second portion of the Special Session of the House of Delegates of the Medical Association of Ballroom, Marriott Motor Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia. Digestive disturbances are especially apt to be troublesome. If j this serum has been used in this country for after considerable searcli to find any record rather a heavy drinker.

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