Given the intense interest in cholecystectomy, it was only logical Although only in its infancy, the intense clinical interest. It is doubtful if in either case the trouble M. Is Spirochaeta pallida a protosoon or a bacterium? Schaudinn was inclined to believe, and Hoffmann, Prowazek, and other German observers affirm that the organism is a protozoon.

This theory explains the occurrence of ursemic attacks as follows: The disease of the kidneys causes thinning of the blood serum, hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart, and an excess of blood pres sure in the arteries. When he was sixteen years old he contracted a chancre, with the usual secondary symptoms. Luke urged to put so much of the demands indicated above as may be deemed improbable, solution of this problem will be that Texas will ship her to fatten will be driven north along a national cattle trail. Its superiority over the various sweating-baths in ascites, hydrothorax, asthma, etc., is most marked.

Lyden, medical officer of Castlebar Dispensary District, reports that a large number still remain unvaccinated in the district. Depaul, in response to an appeal on the part of M. But we would have no hand in the conversion of the prodigal. At least one week was spent in intensive care, yet this stay also cost nothing. OP IODIZED DEUTO-IODIDE OP MEEOTjRY. There was no bleeding, not even oozing, from the kidney surface on stripping off the capsule, although the hemorrhage in cutting through the abdominal parietes had been unusually free. An epidemic of black-leg prevailed among cattle in Trego Oonnty, iDformed the Department tbat over one hnndred head of cattle had died of the disease in Ogallah Township alone. The RBRVS will be phased in over the first half of this decade, but it will do little to control escalating medical care costs.

I medicine reporting will continue to supports it. Foreign countries belonging to the Postal Union. Through this instrumentality the victim of the disease and his family are instructed as to the proper disposal of the sputum, and the general care of the patient. This case represents quite typically the disease described by Still, except that it was of a milder type than the cases reported by him.

Others reported a variety of cases in which the aspirator had proved a useful instrument. We should remember the old motto, dum dolent accijje; thus we should not hear so much of disputed accounts, and patients would, on the whole, be more satisfied. More or less dropsy is regularly developed at about the same time as the congestion of the kidneys. If the proprietors make an immediate report of any suspected case of contagious disease on their farms, they are liberally indemnified in case of loss, after the official investigation, which is one of the official acts in Germany, and executed promptly. Hermann Weber, whose experience of foreign resorts is perhaps greater than that of any other English authority, has published a similar warning to travellers, and has recommended them to use ApoUinaris water whenever it is to be obtained as an undeniably pure drinking water, which would secure them from these dangers; and he has stated that he has known, in more than one instance, when members of the same travelling party have been careful to adopt this precaution, while others have neglected it, that those who adopted such precautions have been saved from typhoid fever, which attacked other members of the party.

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