In April last, three days, at St. This part of the body has been artificially divided by anatomists into regions, and the seat of any local morbid condition can thus be defined and described. The varieties in the symptoms of angina pectoris are thus seen to be remarkably numerous, constituting a form of disease which may be comparatively mild and of long duration, or one of intense suffering, hastening which angina pectoris may be said to be associated, rather than complicated, are disorders of the liver and digestive functions, gout, albuminuria, diabetes, and certain diseases of the nervous system.

In this book, the author has recorded his personal discoveries and experiences in the use of proteal.s, a non-toxic beneficial in the treatment of practically all conditions of disturbed protein metabolism, such as anemia, toxemia, astluna, arteriosclerosis, rheumatic arthritis, goitre, cancer, and tuberculosis. The affected muscle or articulation may be swollen, hot and tender.


Further microscopic investigations were made in regard to the character of the tumor, by Drs.

It is preposterous to restrict I would urge you all most strongly to aid the movement now in progress to place reciprocity on its proper basis." This board has done excellent work, when the difficulties they have encoimtered are considered, in ridding the State of quacks and illegal practitioners. The only additional symptom which made its appearance during this period, was a considerable tenderness or soreness across the lower part of the chest; in consequence of which, a disagreeable sensation of jarring was occasioned by walking, or by any sudden motion. The muscles originate from the lower extremity of the femur and the two bones in this region, and terminate inferiorly in tendons that are attached to the bones of the hock, cannon and digit. He lectured nationally and lobbied for osteopathic recognition in the state of New York with author Mark Twain. But, if either body weight or body length are taken as the standard for comparison, a sex difference in cortical thickness appears in favor of male, because the brain weights under such conditions are higher in the males The increase in the average thickness of the cortex thickness shows many features in its course. This test is for any pathogenic added to sterile whole milk. AntJiracis in the blood and tissues. At the same time the attendance was checked off. This is not true, however, of mild alkaline water, soda-water, or cream of tartar solution with lemon in it (Imperial drink). There are two conditions which may make this cytolysis possible, first,.

The stoppage may be only apparent from stenosis of the cervical canal with consequent retention and stagnation, or there may be real retention from suppressed excretion, the associate of systemic infection. Secretaries of coimty societies have also aided in this work, as well as local cor respondents appointed for the purpose. It is the use of subcutaneous injections of salt solution.

As far as it is possible to judge, there has been entire freedom in matters of individual or family sick support, regardless of the practical cessation of contributions from the many members called out for military service. Blood-cultures taken The chief points in the autopsy report are as follows: Spleen was darkred and pulpy. The subjects discussed include: Diseases of the Mucous Membrane of the Mouth, of the Nervous System Affecting the Buccal Region of the Bcmes, of the Glands, of the Maxillary Sinus, Malformations, I)isea.ses and Injuries of the Lips, Harelip, Cleft Palate and Defects of Speech, Tumors, Infectious Diseases, and the Treatment of Wounds under War Conditions. After an attack of acute otitis media or during a chronic otitis media suppurativa on appearance of acute articular rheumatism, an infection of the lateral sinus must be looked for, the symptoms of the joint affection often overshadowing the ear condition and the ear being' neglected to the danger the sinus having been lost sight of. If they can not be brought away at first it is well to tie tube over a douche pan, with antiseptic care.

Iodine is soluble to the extent of about li per cent, in either of the substances mentioned.