All these procedures are to be gradually augmented by the application of epidemiology in the control and prevention of communicable diseases, by immunity procedures, sanitation and health education; and to develop safety measures for the prevention of accidents. The echinococci may be destroyed by the bile which enters the cysts when the hile-ducts are opened, or by the inflammation which is established be'teen the connective tissue capsule and the wall of tbe tnie sac, causing toJin the cavity of the hydatid becomes cloudy, then opaque, while all hydatid tumor may continue to increase in size until finally it bursta T The most frequent rupture is into the right ptenml cavity. The abdomen was not distended and not tender. One of the most interesting facts to which Professor Charcot called special attention in his lectures, was the existence of certain bundles of fibres in the antero-lateral columns, which are peculiarly liable to undergo secondary degeneration in connection with lesions involving the motor regions of the cerebral hemispheres. The weaker solution consists solutions in oil cause a slower absorption of the novocaine. Above the right eye and along the edge of orbital part of the frontal and the lesser wing of the sphenoid bones the brain adherent by thickened membranes. There is hypersBsthesia of the lower limbs associated with itching, burning, or formication, and reflex irritability is augmented. A pestilence so deeply rooted in population conditions and of such worldwide extent as tuberculosis cannot be successfully combated by superficial means the springs and sources of the malady; but until public conscience and enlightenment shall decree that the conditions which beget hectic hot-beds, fever nests, consumption dens, and human rookeries shall be no more, municipality and state must make the best fight possible with the means available; and as disease, like all other forces in nature, obeys a law to which there is no exception, in that it follows the line of least resistance, the opportunities for its spread must be curtailed to the greatest possible extent by acceptable methods of destroying sputa, sterilizing dwellings, fabrics, etc., safeguarding meat and milk supplies, and by the removal of the indigent sick to special institutions designed to afford to them every advantage that pure air, clear sunshine, good food and general wholesome The following cases of abdominal tumors which came under my observation, during the past year present points of sufficient interest to justify their being MALIGNANT TUMOR OF THE KIDNEY. Its ntost common applications are to allay pain, to tranquillize the nervous system, and to produce sleep. It is a report of work that is finished and of work that we know has been well done by valiant soldiers in the battles of life and death. Occasionally there will be a slight elevation of the temperature and I believe if this is found it is evidence of infection and permanent change is more likely. During t he years that elapsed from this time until the patient came under my observation, almost every commonly known hysterical symptom was experienced by her, and during this time also almost every method of treating them was used. Heahng which have prevailed, so that I need not go at length into them briefly classify them under five headings: experience many actions formerly supposed to be instinctive: yet it is convenient to retain the term for such actions as"eating" to allay hunger, and"drinking" to quench thirst. Since, according to my observation, this slowing down already begins during labor, I am justified to make mention of this condition here, cases this condition in which tracings made on the skin leave a distinct reddish These changes and disturbances while common, and forming ample proof of the revolution taking place in the whole organism of the pregnant woman, are not found in every instance. The discovery of each new use for:r-ray treatment has naturally been the result of experimental tests, hence it has had to pass through a stage that has been almost purely experimental, and which has been largely characterized by an almost indiscriminate use of radiation. This also failing to give permanent ext. Some writers, however, still insist that they have received fairly good results with vaccine therapy. The cell changes were of the atrophic order. The presence of rose-colored spots, and the characteristic typhoid lesion of the intestines, will determine the true nature of these fevers. Of course urethral caruncles, urethritis, vaginitis, etc., should receive thorough treatment.

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