M.sickness, a disease supposably caused by the milk from a cow that had eaten improper food. A disease of the mucous membranes of the nasal and respiratory passages, also at times involving the conjunctiva and eyeball. This circumftance not only obtains in the annual and diurnal catenations of animal motions explained in Sect. A name given to several kinds of malignant tumor, phage denic ulcer, and fungoid growth. The physician must insist on rest in bed until the pains in the calves subside and the heart sounds approach the normal. Some of the Malpighian bodies are normal, others are enlarged, and filled with exudation. In some degree, perhaps, in consequence of this commencing change of theory, several practical authors have, during the present century, deemed these bodies worthy of a brief notice; and Corvisart, Laennec, that they sometimes present characters which cannot possibly be regarded as cadaveric. The salt should be kept at such a level that the nose of the animal, when licking it, must touch the edge of the holes. Cuvier.' In this animal, we find that the cephalic ganglia have become entirely supra-oesophageal, and have coalesced to form one are connected with it and with each other, so as to complete the oesophageal ring. Puncture of the bladder becomes an insignificant operation, both in its performance and in its results, as compared with the probable consequences of the establishment of a false passage from the point of stricture down into the periuaeum, than which, once the departure from the urethra has been made, nothing is easier to effect or more difficult to avoid.

Had formerly been, by trade, a hatter; and at that time fared badly, and drank intemperately: but for eleven years, since his marriage, he had lived more regularly; and for the last five years had been employed as a common labourer. Hence the cerebrum is inferred to be the organ in which reside the faculties of perception, volition and memory.

Make comparison with fellow joint at all times; note the symptoms and signs, mode of onset, and advance of disease; keep a chart of temperature and pulse which may be suggestive, and give due consideration to the predilection for certain joints and the number involved, together with the anatomic characteristics of the local lesions, the lesions in other organs and tissues, and Under the head of special modes of diagnosis, he referred to the influence to therapy and to antitoxins, bacteriological examination, transillumination, and x-ray. Three-day fever has been proved to be transmitted by them; their role is not yet definitely established as regards Oriental sore, American leishmaniasis or verruga in Peru. Under sapraemia is understood a febrile condition caused by the resorption of putrid masses from the cavum uteri. The cases, however, were all instances of genuine epileptic seizure, and all reached the degree of complete loss of consciousness. Give two table-spoonfuls at once, and one spoonful every two or three hours afterwards. Exercise, diet, hydrotherapy, and electricity at times, also fill an urgent want. Her legs were not fwelled, no third, water in due quantity and colour. It is found that the tender feet of those who never expose them to any hardship, but keep them housed aU the year round, are direct causes of illhealth, of colds, of weakness of the eyes, and many other minor troubles. The use of powders in, or for tying them down in jars, or generally as a very good.substitute for bladder, will often be found convenient. The wrist and the ankle-joints resemble one another very closely in that they are dependent mainly upon ligamentous strength and the close association of the tendons of muscles passing in close contact with the Roughly speaking, we may say that, in severe injuries, dislocation is the rule in joints that are muscularly strong, and that a sprain is more likely to result from an injury in joints whose integrity depends upon the shape of the bones and the strength of the ligaments. While such milk is eventually cooled before being shipped to the city dealer, it is by that lame in such condition that it can not be considered wholesome. Its chief advantages seem to arise from being so porous as to scat up all discliarges, and the tar or ingredients of t)ie tar, probably the creosote, so neutralizes and changes the cliaracter of tlie discliarge that it becomes quite innocuous: for we see the same effect in an injection of creosote in corroding ulcer of the uterus or in cancer. System, all the muscles of the body in muscular endowment of the body or a part. Thus, there has been illustrated the extreme frequency of tuberculous disease in children and housewives. The recognition of Colonial Hospitals and Schools is governed by the same Regulations, with respect to number of Patients and to Courses of Lectures, as apply to the recognition of Provincial Hospitals and Schools in V. The chief symptom is tonic spasm, lasting chiefly the facial muscles, but also those of the extremities; directly excited by cold cause. The larynx and trachea as far down as half an inch past the bifurcation was removed. Probably, too, chfldren or dogs might be infected in this way, as well as by inoculation.

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