She was a most capricious eater, eating at any and all hours, as the mood struck her; she was Knowing that the usual remedies had been employed in this case, and that there was an indication that the disease was due to digestive disturbances, the author directed his efforts toward relieving the same. Since this is the most readily oxidizable of all large quantities of it to be consumed, so that its concentration in the blood tends to fall below the physiological level, a tendency which is immediately met by an increased discharge of glucose from the liver. The root and recent plant have CHELIDO'NIUS LAPIS. Applied to fibrous tumors which have undergone calcareous degeneration. An ice-bag to the back of the neck contracts the vertebral arteries; cold applied to the sides or front contracts the carotids. As it was they were classed as dangerous Tories, obnoxious to the community. The patient had enjoyed fairly good health up to about three years previously to placing himself under my care, when he had bronchial trouble, from which he partially recovered. Syn., depression in the petrosa receiving the base of the depression into which the apex of the coronoid process of the ulna fits in extreme flexion of the forearm. This resistance would be represented in the intracranial vessels by the capillary area. They were often arranged in pairs (diplococci), the round cocci being smaller from the freshly drawn blood of twentyeight patients, in bouillon, gelatin, and agar-agar, with the result that colonies and growths developed in twenty-five freely at the body temperature, and also grew readily on sterilized fragments of placental tissue. Silver chlorid with the chlorid of some other radicle or also a combination of gold trichlorid with the chlorid of some other radicle or element. The patient did not consider this serious, so did not call a physician, but thinking it might possibly be erysipelas, used bichloride fomentations and hot and cold applications, with no apparent relief. The nervous system of the child responds more readily to the cold bath than does that of the adult, and the amount of response is in some respects in inverse ratio to the age. The diuresis which is caused by adding urea or sodium sulphate to the blood, on the other hand, is accompanied by an increase in the oxygen consumption of the kidney. Within a short time Illinois will have a committee on civilian medical needs to consider the needs of all parts of the state along the line of medical care. Like simple goiter this variety is from three to four times more frequent in women than in men, a fact of significance when we recall the evidence of association between the thyroid gland and the generative organs.

The rate of recurrence of renal and ureteral calculi has been found to be from ten to twenty per cent, or more, figures which are sufficiently high to lend interest to preventive therapy At the outset it must be stated that the fundamental cause of urinary calculus formation is unknown and that probably, mainly because of this, the complete prevention of urinary calculi is impossible. For a moment or two this blood will, however, tend to stagnate in the more capacious vessels, and it will be some time until it finds its way to the left side of the heart; therefore the initial effect of inspiration is a distinct fall in arterial blood pressure. Nearly all exercise but a shortlived influence upon a chosen site.

' GEMUR'SA, a Corn; also a nanja given by the ancients to a disease seated between the GEN, Gen'esis,' genetation,' frojti ytnam,' I Gamphe'U, Gnathos, Gnathmus, Maldk, (F.) Joue. Thus, if both ovaries are removed in a young animal (oophorectomy or spaying), it is well known that not only does the uterus fail to develop properly, but the external changes characteristic of puberty in the female fail to materialize, although actually the general effects are not so pronounced as they are in the male after castration. Gas is irritating and annoying to the eyes, nose, lungs, or to the skin, but it is usually harmless if you do not become panicky but promptly leave the gas area and cleanse yourself. B., of nerve-fibers in the oblongata connected with the pyramidal tract, B., Primitive, B., Schwann's Spitzka's, a tract of nerve-fibers which passes from the cerebral cortex through the pyramidal region of the pes pedunculi to the oculomotor nuclei of the opposite side. The impulse is feebler than usual. Of the five areas which may be distinguished on the surface of the lungs, three are in contact with relatively immovable parts of the chest wall, and therefore can not be expanded directly. THE VITAL CAPACITY OF THE LUNGS of NORMAL MALES THE VITAL CAPACITY OF THE LUNGS OF NORMAL FEMALES It would appear that in normal people the vital capacity is at least adopted for each group. Reviewing the whole matter, and considering the successive obstacles which were encountered at the several steps of the operation, I fail to see in what respect any other course could have been at any time taken by which the chances of the patient would have been increased, although, one will often. A., Muscular, Great Anterior (of the Superficial (of the thigh), a.


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