Both of these boards conduct the examination in accordance with instructions issued by the Surgeon-General of the Navy, who also willingly sends to any person making application an official circular containing such information as may be necessary for his guidance. Patients taking iodine will sometimes improve at first, but soon there seems to bo a constitutional irritation; stomach out of order, and restlessness. The more brittle the vessels are or the more the hemostatic function of the blood is impaired, the slighter the provocative cause needs be, till at last we have the apparently spontaneous hemorrhages. A sequence has then been selected from each of these regions, and measured at all to be reduced to a uniform scale. There is no doubt as to the nature of this tumor. If, on the other hand, the wound does not come under treatment until it may be reason ably supi)used that there has been opportunity for the vegetation of anaerobic bacteria, and for establishment of infection of the wall of the wound, insufflation with the perborate should be preceded by thorough cleansing of the wound and swabbing out of the cavity with pure phenol, in the hope of destroying any anaerobic bacteria which already may have established themselves in the tissues. The itching, more or less constant, is worse at night and appears to have exacerbations when the suffering is intolerable, the victim through loss of sleep becomes exhausted and not infrequently is overtaken with periods of profound melancholia, if The anal zone presents an area of eczema varying in extent from a radius of an inch to spreading in some instances well over the buttocks, the eczema being the result of scratching in efforts to relieve himself, or of serous discharges from the anal canal. Since the retinal cells accumulate sorbital, this trial is designed to determine if the administration of the drug would prevent retinopathy or retard its progress. The dyskinetic cilia syndrome is a disease that has only recently come to be recognized. As the title of his presidential address.

Investigations as to the influence of va'rying pressures, from almost perfect vacua up to many atmospheres, as to the answered many celestial questions, and introduced others equally Laboratory observations have established that the spectra of the elements are not the same under all circumstances. The presence of the bacilli of tuberculosis in one or both kidneys, even when they are exceedingly infrequent in the discharge, can be demonstrated in urine drawn by urethral catheterization, or by the more simple process of bladder segregation, when the suspected organisms are with other detritus thrown down by the centrifuge. Of poliomyelitis in a boy, thirteen years old; the disease dated from early infancy; the case was exhibited to show the muscular changes long; the left quadriceps was fairly strong and had been performed on the right side for a recurring genu valgum which had been caused by the greater power of the external hamstring muscle. Any prostitute irrespective of her physical condition, who is found among a bivouac of soldiers is punished as a criminal, as is also one who knowing herself to be infected, has relations with a soldier. Verbal in I telligence quotient (VIQ) and perform ance intelligence quotient (PIQ) as derived from the Wechsler Adult In of sodium amytal by a standard carotid! angiogram procedure is performed to determine the lateralization of verbal and memory function. By its means the minimum of irritation to the healing tissues will be obtained, for it is light, and movable in all directions, causing consequently no rubbing. The acute, subacute and chronic anemias, the hemorrhages in hemophilia and purpura, in jaundice, from gastric and duodenal ulcers, typhoid ulcers, etc., will readily suggest themselves.

Treatment of Scarlatina Anginosa A Case, severe chill, which was succeeded with pain in the head, back, nausea, and vomiting. Perhaps the habit of requiring considerable evidence from many sources and directions before reaching a conclusion has rendered me too exacting, but I must confess that so far, I have not been able to recognize true internal secretions in more than three sets of organs, the thyreoid, including its glandules, the parathyreoids, the adrenals, and the pancreas.

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