Catarrh of the nasal passages, it is believed, is invited by the use of warm water for the toilet in chilling weather: those habituated to its employment are less impervious to cold and sudden climatic changes. Other persons, not chiefs, but who wished to become such, or at least to become prominent persons, followed the example, until it has grown to its present size, so that often nearly all the surrounding tribes are invited, and almost every person of any prominence, both of the men and women, feel bound to have a share in giving one, at least once in a lifetime. Paracelsus spoke of a specific chemical within the cell wherewith to drive out the venoms of a specific disease. Sugar is sometimes a constituent of wheaten flour, and it is as often absent. It is suggested that before signing the petition for the passage of the measure physicians give it a careful reading and a more careful consideration in all its phases. First, the fact that the muscular fibers in them are so few as to be almost a negligible quantity, the ligaments being little more than folds of perineum, makes them a frail tissue to trust alone to hold a uterus in jjosition that has been displaced. While on this subject, let me show you another hard bone to chew, retaining my hold of the.

Pains and aching in the bones, stitlhess in the joints, essential features of the pseudo-rheumatic pains that accompany scurvy. In one, high forceps had been tried and failed.

Goodell says," If union of the lacerated cervix should not take place, dangerous inflammations will occur." This injury is rarely suspected by the accoucheur, and yet so frequently does it occur, that one writer states that of the women who apply to him for treatment of uterine disorders, forty per cent, exhibit lacerations of the cervix uteri; and our own Dr. Doerr for homologous animals on a basis of thromboplastic activity. In these cases podalic version skilfully performed offers the child a better chance for life than do prolonged manipulations upon its head, always with the possibility of pressure on the cord and consequent asphyxia. Its distal end was swollen and distended to the size of my thumb, perforated and gangrenous over an area about as large as a five-cent piece. I have observed in patients who were put upon large doses of Cod Liver Oil that on examination of the stools passage of oil by the bowels was discovered.

Holmes made to the profession, antl one to which those who do medical writing owe much: it is the literary style he set in his purely medical writings. And that of minimum mortalitv was June, with The death-rates of the individual registration points out that the total variation is less than that among the great towns of England and that the range of mortality is not excessive. There was no sudden pain, no pneumothorax, no emphysema, and no dyspnoea. O'SuUivan, as probably a case of cerebro-spinal meningitis, without making any mention of preceding pneumonia. Ulceration is found from the seventh day after onset through the sixteenth, and, in a slight or h'ealing form, in the cases lasting thirty-three and thirty-five days from six to eight days after onset show ulcers twenty-one days' duration showed no ulcers.

This is the introduction of that valuable tree at Jamaica, two original plants blossomed, Mr. " It is only a sprain," is a common expression, and a sprain is considered as I scarcely deserving of sympathy; and yet, gentlej men, I can assure you that a sprain is sometimes j a most serious matter, involving not only present I suffering, but often followed by chronic lameness j and wearisome impairment of the function of the I parts. As to when milk feedings should be resumed, I believe, basing my opinion on the Infants' Hospital records, that, unless the treatment with living lactic acid bacilli, to be presently described, is also employed, it is better to delay milk feeding for a third twenty-four hours, using barley water with the addition of some carbohydrate such as lactose or maltose. The attacks were of all varieties of the two types called petit nial and grand mal. First, cases in wliich the court could serve the cause of justice very materially were he allowed to charge the jury upon the expert evidence offered at the hearing. A large one southeast of the" Sault de Gaston" being described, and two smaller ones, to the south of it.

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