The birds were quite fresh, having been packed in ice. The sacrifices made by the professors implied a love of work, and to love the work they must love the young men amongst whom they worked- It was a feeling of pride to the professors to know that they were educating young men into one of the most noble he said that the professors accepted the toast in the spirit of affection with which it had been tendered. Irradiation of the corpuscles did not affect the hsemolytic action of hasmolytic sera, nor did it alter the action of non-haemolytic sera. They have not changed their methods to conform to the changed conditions. This salt crystallizes in cubes, and is very soluble in water. Tf a suppurative peritonitis has been set up, it is hardly necessary to say that the risk to life is great. It would be better to break a limb than sprain a joint, the former, in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, being cured in the course of a few weeks, if the skin has not been broken, while the effects of the latter may, at best, remain for weeks or months, as weakness or stiffness of the joint.

We might well copy laws in force elsewhere, by which the householder, head of We woulil again remind our readers that this Association of the communications are such as to ensure the scientific sue cess of this meeting. X-rays had now been used with marvellous result; the parts were healing Dr ( Both sexes were alike affected, and although it always concurred with atheroma of the arterial system, there existed no fixed ratio between the amount of atheroma and the degree of dilatation of the internal carotid. So long as the inquiry is contined to simple facts which the obs Tvers arc not likely to mistake, it is probable that valuable results may be obtained. Geoghegan in the case of McConkey, but the medical and general evidence taken together was considered to be conclusive of Dr. However, if a lesion exists from any cause, the parasite is certainly capable of continuing the process and of modifying and producing in connection with accompanying bacteria fairly constant and characteristic pathological lesions. The fatty portions were rancid, and the lean portions very dry.

We know that the action of the lungs may be forced or increased by an exercise of the will; in this case, other muscles than those usually employed are called into play; hence, the stoop in the shoulders, often observed in asthmatic people, and others with whom breathing is difficult. Kennedy said that he had seen two cases of extra-uterine foetation. Delayed union after fracture, iv. Ruault this condition, good general health continues for some time, but death was found to contain the head of a cysticcrcus. Days after death; it was then in a state of rigid spasm.

The arundo donax, the large reed of the south of Europe, is attacked by a black rust, and those who cut the reeds suffer from very violent headaches; and it is affirmed by M. He had been unable to raise his right arm from obstruction and pain, referred to the middle and lower third of the deltoid. Ball entered upper third of right arm, fracturing angle of the scapula, and extracted, together with a piece of the fractured humerus. CHATHAM MEDICAL AND SURilICAL SOCIETY. Printed at the expense of the Philadelphia delegation, and the type kept standing, a portion of the expense of printing the proceedings has been saved to the Association. But we have uniformly found it to lessen the frequency and force of the pulse, to soothe pain, and allay irritability.