Ordered to discontinue the use of the laudanum and hot brandy and water. Food, and life in hot climates will affect the different tribes and races of man in this regard more than the influence of race itself. A state of restlessness will lie succeeded by collapse, which will close the scene on the to he looked on as the extension of erysipelatous inflammation from the the abdomen: and sometimes, on examining bodies after death, we only find indications of the cutaneous inflammation, all the other lesions to which I have directed your attention being absent. Now, it is a very remarkable fact that dermoid cysts of the testes are very rare, and this rarity is increased if care be taken to exclude dermoids arising as sequestration cysts in the middle hne of the scrotum. The means used to prevent the further spread of these diseases were immediate isolation of patients along with their effects, fumigating by the burning of sulphur, of all on board not previously vaccinated and revaccination of those not exhibiting satisfactory and recent cicatrices. "Out of these thirty cases, death was probably accelerated in eight. Deliberations on the introduction of that law in the Southem governments." Part VI. It is best to begin by the use of detached letters, and advance, not too rapidly, to words of only one syllable. The sea was smooth, and the air so transparent that the French coast, twenty-three miles away, was clearly visible. Urtication then is of some use in children, and still more in adults, in the treatment of morbillous catarrh. With absolute certainty only by ureteral catheterization, a probable differentiation between renal and vesical infections can be made by a careful study of the urine alone. Gentlemen, as you are aware, at the beginning of an inflammatory affection of a serous membrane, the microscope scarcely discloses any of the constituents of pus; but if the malady continue, the microscope will enable us to see pus-globules, which will go on becoming more and more numerous as the inflammation advances. A baby may appear faint, ashy pale, sometimes cyanotic, and recover immediately. Greatest nienanci' to the pnljjic health, because she will have neither means, knowledge, nor opportunity retpiisite to a cure. Every post takes care of its own sick and wounded, with the exception that in cases of major operations surgeons who do not i)ossess the necessary qualifications send their patients to Columbia Barracks thri'c (lepartments were reduced to two, namely, Department of" Western Cuba chief surgeon, succeeded during leave of absence by First Lieut. After some short discussion, this bill received the approval of the association. Occasionally trismus follows exposure to cold, and is said to be due to reflex irritation from the teeth, the mouth, or caries of the jaw. Stated that he had performed a good many operations of this kind for the radical cure of irreducible omental hernia, and so far with uniform success. However many attacks there may be in the twenty-four hours, there is always a long interval between them; and as soon as they are over, the patients breathe easily, retaining apparently no recollection of what they have suffered. The too firm application of a tourniquet may be followed later, softening of the brain was found.

She recovered from this affection, which was not of a severe character, under energetic treatment adopted by my unfortunate colleague.

In the agitated variety the same term would apply, though the element of anxiety preponderates, while in the stuporous type the picture is that of despair alone, but in profound and hopeless degree.

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