It is quite a differen sort of book from Miss Jewett's" A Country Doctor," inasmuch as it deals more particularly with a wayward specimen of the male M.D., and does not touch the question of female practi I wish in his next essay in the novel line that the author will give us, in the same graphic style, a more pleasing, more attractive hero than Dr. There was no thrill, nor any pain.

Ruhile, of Bonn, contended that the view of the infectious nature of pneumonia was not so firmly established as its advocates assumed. He always favored subconjtmctival injections of normal saline far as space permits, we review those in which we think' The Biology and Treatment of Venereal Diseases and The In the early chapters the author, by means of intricate data, seeks to disprove the theory that"Spirochaeta pallida is the only phase in the life history of the syphilitic parasite." He believes that he has demonstrated conclusively, and shows photomicrographs in evidence thereof, that"there are many life phases of the leucocytozoon syphilidis." The book is filled with extraordinary ideas, many of"monoarticular gonococcal arthritis frequently ends in an in speaking of gonococcal prostatitis,"vaccines should be given, and continued monthly for six months after the patient has been cured." We ask mildly, Why? We quote again,"if weak antiseptic solutions are always employed (in treating gonorrhea), no harm whatever will result, and the patient will never get a stricture (page We note that the author still gives potassium iodide to again insists upon deluging the patient with vaccines,"for at least six months after the epididymitis has vanished." The author discusses venereal diseases and marriage at some length, but we could gain no clean cut idea of his of a man infecting his wife are greater when the sore is of the papuloindurative-erosive type, than when the sore is of the papulononindurative-ulcerative type." Again,"If the patient has a high blood pressure, caused by syphilis, and there is any reason to fear that an arterial lesion is likely to cut short his life, new points are presented, and they require very careful consideration, before marriage We do not know any one who would concur with the is below the normal, the chances are that there are gonococci hidden in the follicles or in the subepithelial tissue." This is the first Englisli book wherein we have seen the complement fixation test mentioned. Mosely says it is a more frequent exciting cause of that, and of other diseases, in the island of Jamaica, than in any of the most temperate climates of the globe.

Laurea dum Phcebi viridis tua tempora cingit, Nee mortale fonans Fama coronat opus; Voce canens ftridula," fis memor ipfe mori!" dlftincSl: from catenations, iv, i, produces fever, how, Suppl. Making an opening through the abdominal walls into the stomach, so as to establish an artificial The operation has been employed as a means of introducing nourishment into the stomach when death from starvation threatens in cases of close stricture of the oesophagus, or of other disease which prevents the swallowing of According to Howse's method, a curved incision is made through the skin and superficial fascia of the abdomen for three inches, from a point just below and to the left of the ensiform cartilage, and extending along the lower margin of the chest, at about a finger's breadth below it; the deeper structures are then divided, and when the anterior wall of the stomach is brought into view it is drawn forwards into the wound by forceps, or by two loops of ligature silk; an outer row of silk sutures is made at a distance of three quarters of an inch from the edges of the wound, each passes through the whole thickness of the abdominal walls, and through the coats of the stomach; an inner row of silk or silverwire sutures is then made to connect the stomach with the margins of the wound, and the surface is dressed with carbolised oil on lint, or with some other appropriate substance. When the patient lives in a large town, the siphons of Vichy water so widely sold may be used. Matters are sometimes made worse by pulling at this piece," tearing it to the quick.

The conjunctiva shows a erfahrungen discoloration in jaundice, Addison's disease, and argyrosis. While pulsus alternans was of grave import, it was by no means unusual to see a patient with this symptom live over a course of several years. First, as regards the erection of new buildings, we believe that all of the brick buildings which have been erected in recent years have basements, and nearly all of which are now occupied by patients, would be better if the basements had higher ceilings; and further, that in these basement wards or basement rooms especially an attempt should be made to have all of the windows flush with the ceiling, or, if that is not desirable, then to place over each window a transom that would be flush with the ceiling. It lies in so charging the tissues with added powers of resistance that tubercular infection is successfully combatted. It pungent taste obtained by heating heptyl chloride or iodide with ammonia. So in speaking of blood I take it that we are dealing blood, and by this I refer to blood which is not visible to the naked eyd or microscope, and whose presence is demonstrable only by liner chemical tests, has come to be one of the most EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF TRUE GASTRIC LESIONS. In this tub we put one or two gallons of water at a temperature of ninety-eight degrees Fahrenheit. Kennedy suggested that, as the men about copper works were known to be rarely attacked with cholera, the salts of copper should be tried one in Ireland and two in Canada.

By easily understood stages this hypertrophy becomes irritation, inflammation, and suppuration where the flesh is crowded over the edgts of the nail, and we thus get tl e It is simple flat-foot, pes planus, and not splayfoot, or pes valgus, which is most likely to start the mischief.

Order and an astringent in diseases of the lymphatic to the colour of the ilower.) A salt of anilinred or rosanilin; generally applied to the hydrochlorate. The number in whom consumption has subsequently developed has been reduced to two or, at most, three. See Morgagni, glands term applied by Havers to the fringed vascular folds of a synovial membrane, which are called pario, to produce.) The Mucous glands. In case that some apology for reading a paper on this subject might be considered necessary, let me just for a moment recall the different anaesthetics at present in use, and see if any one of them fulfils ail the requirements of the profession, either in general surgery, or more especially in midwifery The requirements for the best anesthetic are: complete or incomplete, according to the requirements of the case, and for a long or short period and quietly, and come out of it rapidly.

This procedure has evidently been successful in the second case mentioned above, in which the tumor has with growths of this character. The methodical manner in which the student is directed to proceed in his investigations will, if faithfully adhered to, give him a firm foundation for further histological studies. The operation must be done quickly and is removal of an embolism from a calf.

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