Melancholia seems more like a self-limited disease with a beginning, a middle, and an end; although, of course, like other self-limited diseases, it may in unfavorable cases run Neurasthenia has a beginning and a middle distinctly enough, but a vague and uncertain ending.

Brydon's opinion that the simultaneous appearance of the cholera, and the arrival of the very tired and weak, were affected by the villages and and" not the villages by them, do not rest on any solid foundation. The past year has seen no letdown in activities of the Association. Hutchinson has recently brought distinctly before the profession under the name of the The Speech from the Throne, delivered on the opening of Parliament, on Tuesday last, referred to several measures of great weight and importance which are to be presented during the present Session. Mucous v membranes are vessel-wall a little sclerosed. This cachexia is characterized by anemia and asthenia, and to some extent by loss of flesh, but this is not so marked as in advanced malignant anemia. A solution of hydrogen peroxide, of of acid respectively, killed the bacilli in ten seconds, but it The ordinary hydrogen peroxide solutions offered for sale whether neutral or acid, are not active germicides, judged by their effect upon the bacillus of diphtheria, an organism which is not so difficult to kill as the staphylococcus, for instance, but the neutral solutions have far less germicidal power than the acid ones. Of this method there is not sufficient experience to base a judgment upon at present.

On the third day the inflammation began to subside and gradually disappeared.

The method consisted essentially in cutting down on the tumour, carefully exposing the sac, which should be returned into the abdomen, and then drawing together the openings by means of two or three sutures of stout silver wire, which should be left permanently in position. Constipation ia almost unheard of amongst them. Of course there have been some exceptions.

One for the delegate, one for the executive secretary and one for the state secretary.

Bruno obtained permission to pronounce a funeral oration, desiring to express his gratitude to the memory of one who had opened such an institution, so free to all lovers of the Muses and to exiles like himself, who were here protected from the greedy maw of the Roman wolf, whereas in Italy he had been chained to a superstituous cult. It was then divided immediately external to the foramen rotundum, and removed along with the ganglion, the branches of which had been previously divided. ESOPHAGITIS: A COMMON CONDITION FREQUENTLY OVERLOOKED Esophagitis is a relatively common disorder that is frequently overlooked. Representatives and research personnel will welcome an opportunity to discuss these drugs wih you. After this time the chest underwent a retrograde development, first becoming tlattened and aftenvards being drawn in, the sternum forming the deepest part of the excavation. Edema in the area drained by the vein. It simply means there has escaped the surgeon's knife some tissue which was diseased at the previous operation. Santonin gives the urine a yellow color; turpentine imparts to it the odor What are the symptoms of acute parenchymatous nephritis? In mild cases there is but little constitutional disturbance; the more severe cases may begin with chill, pain in the limbs, fever, and headache. Water containing bicarbonates, in passing through lead pipes, produces lead carbonate, which forms a white coating on the lead pipe and prevents solution of the lead in the water. Of course, after this large graft has become (irmly adherent to the arm, the connecting bridge of skin into the Legislature by Assemblyman Henry, and favorably reported to the Assembly by the Ways and Means Committee, provided for the establishment of what is called" A Stivte School of Public Health." It is to be located near First Avenue and Twenty-sixth Street, New York City, and an building for the use of the New York University for tlie purpose mentioned, and half for the purchase of the necessary supplies and apparatus for the school. The pulse was about!X) and tlie temperature was normal. Several of these intra-pleural abscesses exist along the spine, and have eroded slightly the bodies of the vertebrae. Mention (a) the most common and (b) the purest form of acetic acid, and (c) give the most important acetates.

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